Good NEWS! Fresh Fruit is BACK! New items in stock, and MORE to Come for CHRISTMAS–

I am so thrilled! After a month of no truck-driver for this Rocky Mountain route, we now have one! We’ll have more of the great organic fruits to pair with Lloyd Craft Farms organically raised veggies…as well as new stock of fresh ginger and turmeric roots, Organic Litehouse Ranch Dressing, Valued Naturals imported Black Licorice, Hazelnuts and Cashews, a restocked Pom Pistachio display case…and Organic Bananas, Pink Lady Apples, Garlic, Yams, 5 oz bags of Baby Spinach… More Avocados, Oranges, Lemons, Limes, and Grapefruit! 🙂 In stock from The Farm: Fresh cabbage (Red and Green, Flat and Round), Broccoli in 1# bags, last of the Cauliflower and Romanesco and Celery, Potatoes and Onions, Brussels sprouts, Winter Squash of all sizes and colors, and Carrots–and soon to arrive Red Beets…

One minor change–Fresh Produce Day is changed from Thursday to FRIDAY. The truck will deliver Thursday, we will work and prep it for Friday sales! Door opens at 10:00 a.m.

Other good news–we now have a beautiful gold case full of Starshine Artworks necklaces: Crafted from Imported Glass Beads, Gem Stones, and Freshwater Pearls. Priced for your gift-giving needs this holiday season: $30 to $67.50. Star is a local artist that does beautiful work! Come and check it out.

Also, we are expecting our gemstones from Paradise Rocks, and we made a Thanksgiving trip to Colorado and shopped for a few fun display case items. Those should be set up by the end of the week with prices and fun options for folks of all ages!

We have our eyes open for great ideas for Christmas gifts and baskets…more information to follow. Take care, be safe but live fully, and stop in and visit…shop local to keep your money circulating within your community…and Bee Healthy to be happy, and Happy to be healthy! (Or as our tech guy coined, “BeeHealthy4Ever”–)

Yours Truly– Terri and Liz @ Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave., Worland, in the great state of WYOMING!
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