Save The Date– Saturday, November 27th–Black Friday Saturday…

Sound confusing? I guess I should have called it Black Saturday…the day after Black Friday…and WHAT does ‘Black’ mean exactly, as in “Black Friday”? A quick internet search found all sorts of ‘roots’, but the most recent (and logical to the retailing business) is the day after Thanksgiving, the official first day of shopping for the Christmas holidays! Another detail I found was as an accounting reference…red numbers are days where the retailer loses money and black numbers are days the retailer makes money…thus a great day for holiday buys where the consumer saves money and the merchant makes money!

So Black Saturday it is–you save 10% storewide (except for the new fine Starshine Artiworks jewelry in the gold display case), and we move a lot of inventory to make room for more…and we do have a small store stuffed with great stuff!

Gift ideas: Candles, Queen Bee Honey Candies and Caramels, Journals and Day-timers, Artisan Made note cards (Denise, Star, and Jeni), Incense and Essential Oils (couple of glass diffusers on hand, a wood tower diffuser, and more coming for the holidays), Foaming Bath Packets and Bubble baths, wide selection of teas and teaspoon infusers, as well as good fixings for a Kitchen Gift Basket, or anyother you might have in mind (we’ll help you create it!).

We will be closed Thursday and Friday for time with our families. We’ll be open Saturday at 10:00 am for the BLACK Friday SATURDAY, so set the day aside and come and see us–Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave, Worland, Wyoming


AND don’t forget about the fresh celery for your homemade stuffing, locally grown potatoes and onions, and freshly harvested Brussels Sprouts…all for your Thanksgiving dinner! Pick these up Tuesday and Wednesday– open at 10:00, close at 5:30. 🙂

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