WATERMELONS@BeeHealthy today! Fresh Produce from Lloyd Craft Farms, too…

We have had a constant custody battle over the watermelons with the Racoons but WE HAVE PREVAILED! Watermelons at Bee Healthy today…$.49/# Vine-ripened, seedless, chilled overnight in our cooler, and ready to go!

Also, sent newly bagged BC1611 Broccolini…long tender stems, sweet leaves, and a roundish ball shaped head. We love ours cooked in the cast iron skillet, steam first to breakdown the outer cellular wall, and then add olive oil and cook. Leaves are great crisped and charred–LOL

More green cabbage heads (after 3:00) and Islander (purple) Bell Peppers (there now!)–

Don’t forget to shop the ORG Pink Lady Apples, ORG Bananas, ORG Valencia Oranges, and other citrus…ORG Red Potatoes and Onions in all colors. More Lloyd Craft Farms veggies, Greybull Valley Lettuces, Taylor Farms ORG Baby Spinach, and farm fresh EGGS– Saturday hours: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Lots of other goodies (healthy flours, nuts, dried fruit, yummy cookies, and Honey Mama bars)–come in an peruse the store!

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