Homegrown Veggies ANYONE!? CSA starts (Earlier than Late!)–Thursday, July 22! (Worland first, then we’ll fold in Lander/Riverton in the next couple of weeks…)

I’m sorry not much advanced notice…but it has been that type of year… and maybe I let it get into my head!

The high tunnel is in full production and ready to go…today The Farmer and I confirmed that though the garden peppers and tomatoes have suffered badly from the 45 mph winds one night, the early Brassica’s (broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbages–planted 5/30/2021) are not far behind!

So here is what we have to harvest over the next three weeks:

Green Onions, Kohlrabi (both purple and green), Broccolini (both Atlantis and BC1611, and a tad of the heirloom DiCicco), fresh Basil (Genovese), Cherry Tomatoes, Kale (Lacinato and Green Curley), Ruby Perfection Red Cabbage, and an assortment of Herbs from the high tunnels.

The earliest Cucumbers (Harmonie European picklers AKA Snack Cukes, Bristol and Mongoose Slicers), Summer Squash (Zucchini, Costa Romanesco Striped Zucchini, Golden Glory, Slick Pic Crookneck, and Zephyr), and Farao Green Cabbage, and maybe some flat Tendersweet Cabbages will join us from the garden. Shortly following from the early Brassica’s will be the Bishop Cauliflower, Green Magic Broccoli, and Gypsy Broccoli, and our summer harvests of BC1611 Broccolini! It is here AT LAST!

I hope to get a text out to everyone indicating your pick up group and start date. We may lump all the Leap-Frog’s together for this first week. And sorry again for the short notice–if you wish to skip and start next week, send me a text to 307-431-1219–

As to veggies at Bee Healthy…we will continue to stock the same kinds of goodies, but remember the volume is limited–CSA takes priority– and coolers restrict the amount of stuff we can stock!

The Farmer’s Wife–Sleepless in Worland!

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