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CRAzY DaYs! BEE HEALTHY…Come On IN and Visit…Discounts and Specials…

Fair Week is coming to a close…As is JULY…Crazy Day today!

10% off Store-wide on purchases of $30 or more…including produce and ALL SUPPLEMENTS…

SEPARATE SPECIAL on Lily of the Desert Aloe Stomach Formula…$10 for box of 12 shots. (Normally $1.50/ shot!)

Check out store specials on Humm Kombuchas…mild flavors with probiotics….$3.44

Rebbl healthy Elixirs and Spicy Chai and Coffee Cold Brew and Mocha Maca….all made with plant botanicals and other healthy adaptogens and herbs…also, Black Label Rebbl with Maca, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane, and Ashwagandha…adaptogens help us deal with stress, internal and external! And MAN….We got stress!!

Saturday, open until 5:00…Come on in and check it out! Bee Healthy to be healthy…635 Big Horn Ave…right next to Lisa at Larsen’s Bicycles… 🙂

Thursday–Fresh Produce at Bee Healthy AND CSA Pick up, Week 2…

Greetings all! Hope you are keeping hydrated and cooled–unseasonably hot for this time of year in the Big Horn Basin! Garden is doing its best, store air conditioning is a blessing, and we are filling up the days with harvesting, packaging, and shippping…as well as offering great goodies through the store:

Tomorrow will be fresh produce, primarily from Lloyd Craft Farmscucumbers, broccoli, summer squash, and goodies from the high tunnels (green onions, kohlrabi, kale, red cabbages, and a smattering of cherry tomatoes). On hand from Spokane Produce: Yams, Yukon potatoes, Pink Lady apples, lemons and limes, green cabbage, red bell peppers, Swiss chard, carrots, celery, red beets, snack peppers, cauliflower, jalapeno peppers–all Organic. Also 3 packages of Portabello and white mushrooms. We always have fresh turmeric and ginger root in the cooler!

Thursday is CSA Pick Up at Bee Healthy, too! This week’s share is split between the Weeklies and Leap-Frog–both have Kohlrabi, Green Onions, 1# bag of Snack Cucumbers, Kale, and a variety of Summer Squash/Zucchini. The Weekly Share has White Cauliflower, Broccoli, and a Striped Armenian Cucumber. The Leap-Frog has Red Cabbage, Broccolini, slicing Cucumber, and fresh Basil.

Some of the Store Specials:

**Humm Kombucha (Blackberry, Strawberry-Lemonade, Coconut-Lime, Mango-Passionfruit) for $3.44 each.

**Rebbl Elixirs–$3.99 from $4.80…Maca Cold Brew Coffee and Maca Mocha with Chicory…both with coconut milk (MCT’s). Try the other Rebbl Drinks, too!

**Good Karma Flaxmilk with Omega-3 + Protein (and other added vitamins and stuff), and the Elmhurst Milked Oats, Milked Cashew, and Milked Almonds (simple ingredients…nothing bad added!)

**Koyo Ramen…our healthy and inexpensive alternative to store Ramen…Lemongrass Ginger, Buckwheat Shoyu, Asian Vegetables, and Garlic Pepper…all organic and tasty…$1.43 a package…Heirloom grains and Vegan.

Come and visit and check out all the other great stuff!

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Week 1 CSA Share Info Sheet

The Veggies look GREAT! Thanks for those that were able to pick them up Thursday and Friday, and another Thanks to those who are picking them up today! (Because they are fresh, they will still be okay for a Monday pickup!) This first group is Group A…A schedule will be posted on the website to help you keep track of your share pick ups. 🙂 If you are going to be later than Thursday, shoot me a text (431-1219)– Next week is Group B

This week’s Box has items from the high tunnels, and Cucumbers and Summer Squash from the garden. The surprise was the 2 oz of Basil.

Basil- Genovese type with large leaves and the traditional basil flavor. Basil does not store well in the fridge, so put the stems in a bit of water or spread them in a pie pan on your counter. Double or triple bag if you must, but do not forget them for more than several days. Basil is versatile and can be used for much more than just Pesto. 😉 Try it chopped with any of your veggies. Herbs give your veggies depth and variety, as well as being healthy. I think herbs are the unknown heroes for healthy bodies and lives. Use them fresh, or dry them yourselves!

Kale, Kohlrabi, and Broccolini are all in the Brassica family– nutrient dense and healthy for us! They can be eaten raw or cooked. Kale- Green Curley and Lacinato (Dinosaur Kale)- can be cut thinly and added to a greens salad, or chopped up and added to cooked potatoes or other dishes. Kohlrabi (AKA German Turnip) are sweet eaten raw, but also great cooked or steamed. I like to cut mine in half and then as thin as possible to dip in Ranch, or grated into a greens salad. Our Broccolini is sweet and the leaves are tender and sweet, too. Broccolini simply means small broccoli–we have four kinds this year…we couldn’t get our favorite seed this year so tried two new ones and used the Atlantis we’ve raised for three years. I usually steam, or cook it in a cast iron skillet with olive oil. (I always steam it a bit to break down some of the stems so they are not tough. Brassica’s affect some folks, causing gas and slight indigestion. Many of the broccoli has an indigestible sugar that is not easily broken down….my question has always been: is it a problem with the broccoli, or is it the gut that is lacking sufficient enzymes or a healthy biome??

Red Cabbage…Ruby Perfection to be specifi…is also in the same family as the broccoli and cauliflower. Red Cabbage can be used in the same way as the green. You may lose some of the red pigmentation during cooking…Raw, it adds beautiful color to any salad. Cabbage pickles easily. (I like the Wildbrine sauerkraut at Bee Healthy–Red Beets and Red Cabbage fermented together, natural probiotics!) Both beets and red cabbage are power houses and high in anthocyanins which are strong antioxidants–

Green Onions–these are from the high tunnel and benefit well from the shade and protection. Some years when we’ve raised them out in the garden they have been susceptible to insect damage and developed a strong pungent flavor. Two years ago we planted them in the fall in the high tunnel but ran out of time to reach maturity. I was so saddened when they ‘died’ in the fall and were reduced to nothing. BUT, then in the spring they came back! Because they are biennial’s they sent out a bloom that became a seed pod. We learned to harvest them earlier than later, before they grew that tough seed stock!

Cucumbers–this week we had our first harvest of slicing cucumbers with one for everyone! AND we also included a 1# bag of Harmonie European Picklers (AKA Snack Cucumbers)– Cucumbers do not store well or hold in the fridge–Eat them first! Protect them from refrigeration damage.

Summer Squash–this week we put 4 summer squash in your box: Zucchini, Costa Romanesco (striped zucchini), Golden Glory (yellow zucchini), and Zephyr (yellow squash with a green tip). I LOVE my summer squash cooked in olive oil or butter, salt and pepper, with a chopped herb….add some green onion or sliced onion, too. Try sliced tomatoes during the last couple of minutes. For herbs, I used Lemon Thyme one day this week, and Savory the second time. Basil is great! I usually add the herbs the last couple minutes of cooking to include the flavor without it being cooked to death!

Enjoy your first Share! Weekly’s–we’ll have a slightly different box next week; Group B Leap-Frog’s…welcome aboard! We have room for more members–share the word and help us fill some of the vacancies!

Homegrown Veggies ANYONE!? CSA starts (Earlier than Late!)–Thursday, July 22! (Worland first, then we’ll fold in Lander/Riverton in the next couple of weeks…)

I’m sorry not much advanced notice…but it has been that type of year… and maybe I let it get into my head!

The high tunnel is in full production and ready to go…today The Farmer and I confirmed that though the garden peppers and tomatoes have suffered badly from the 45 mph winds one night, the early Brassica’s (broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbages–planted 5/30/2021) are not far behind!

So here is what we have to harvest over the next three weeks:

Green Onions, Kohlrabi (both purple and green), Broccolini (both Atlantis and BC1611, and a tad of the heirloom DiCicco), fresh Basil (Genovese), Cherry Tomatoes, Kale (Lacinato and Green Curley), Ruby Perfection Red Cabbage, and an assortment of Herbs from the high tunnels.

The earliest Cucumbers (Harmonie European picklers AKA Snack Cukes, Bristol and Mongoose Slicers), Summer Squash (Zucchini, Costa Romanesco Striped Zucchini, Golden Glory, Slick Pic Crookneck, and Zephyr), and Farao Green Cabbage, and maybe some flat Tendersweet Cabbages will join us from the garden. Shortly following from the early Brassica’s will be the Bishop Cauliflower, Green Magic Broccoli, and Gypsy Broccoli, and our summer harvests of BC1611 Broccolini! It is here AT LAST!

I hope to get a text out to everyone indicating your pick up group and start date. We may lump all the Leap-Frog’s together for this first week. And sorry again for the short notice–if you wish to skip and start next week, send me a text to 307-431-1219–

As to veggies at Bee Healthy…we will continue to stock the same kinds of goodies, but remember the volume is limited–CSA takes priority– and coolers restrict the amount of stuff we can stock!

The Farmer’s Wife–Sleepless in Worland!

Fresh Produce (Including some Local) @Bee Healthy– Best Quality Thursday through Saturday…And why FRESH and ORGANICALLY RAISED…

Things are looking good in the high tunnels…garden is lagging behind, but it is coming together too!

**Some of the local veggies at Bee Healthy are Broccolini, Kale, Kohlrabi, Red Cabbage, Zucchini and Summer Squash, and Green Onions. Also, Greybull Valley Living lettuces.

Broccolini (literally small broccoli)- sweet and succulent, eat the leaves…great steamed, fried in cast iron skillet, baked in oven…nutrient dense!

**Some of the organics from Spokane are Taylor Farms Baby Spinach, Orange Bell Peppers and Jalapeno Pepper packets, 2 bags of Snack Peppers, Swiss Chard, Celery, Carrots, Red Beets, Green Cabbage, and Leeks. (We sometimes purchase non-organics based on the EWG tests of pesticide levels in specific types of vegetables…onions, cauliflower, lemons and limes, grapefruit, oranges. Quality of produce is important–if organic but poor quality, how good is that going to be for us??)

**Other items to note: Organic Yukon Potatoes are wanting to grow (still firm) so we have marked them to $1/# to get them into new homes! Organic Roma Tomatoes are 3 for $1.80, 18 good Avocados that will be perfect in a couple of days, Organic lemons and limes for those that like to ‘eat’ the whole thing using their Vitamixes, 40# Organic Bananas (better flavor) for $.99/#, Organic Garnet Yams, and a wide selection of Onions…Red, White, and Sweet Walla Walla’s…$1 to $2.25 for the JUMBO Red’s.

Why fresh Produce? Because ‘food is our best medicine’, but more than that ‘we are what we eat’! (Two well known cliche’s!) I like to say that we want to eat LIVING FOOD…fruits and vegetables (though they have been separated from the mother plant) are living. Living food is more nutritious and has active elements that our bodies can immediately process and use. Living food not only gives us energy but has the ability to rebuild and heal. (Red Beets are said to be able to repair damaged DNA–)

The sooner food is consumed after harvest the higher the nutritional value! Some vegetables have a higher respiration rate and will ‘expire’ quicker (lettuce and other green leafy things), and others have a lower respiration rate and will store longer (kohlrabi and potatoes).

For all vegetables, refrigeration is a must…it slows the respiration rate and helps us to keep them longer! Each veggie has its optimal temperature and humidity conditions…we don’t refrigerate tomatoes as they go mushy and the flavor is bland, potatoes often convert to starch, eggplant and bell peppers are sensitive to refrigeration damage. (Notice all these are Nightshade’s?) We’d love to refrigerate the apples and onions as it keeps them fresher and crisper, but alas, there is not enough glass cooler space, so they get to be shown during the day and stored in the cooler at night!

Why organically raised? A multi-faceted subject with some straight forward answers and some not so obvious results…Organic vegetables and fruits have a lower toxicity level (no synthetic pesticides and fertilizers) with a better concentration of nutrients drawn from the ‘living’ soil that has higher microbe levels.

When we started our garden 10 years ago we understood the relationship between chemical use and toxic foods, and the effects of toxins on living things, both pests and humans…most synthetics are considered neurotoxins…that’s how they ‘work’ on the pest and why over time they affect the human.

The question has always been how much toxins are considered too much? The answer can be debated, but what we found is that if we focused as growers on building a living soil that provided everything the plant needed, then they could resist the majority of pests, and they tasted BETTER. (We at times will help them out–Pyganic and Dipel– but are always aware there may be collateral damage to the good critters we want in the garden…ladybugs for one.)

So, You are What you EAT, and Food is Your Best Medicine! Stop in and see us at Bee Healthy…pick up some fresh foods and also peruse the oils and flours, sugars and stevias, chocolates and drinks, chips and crackers, dried fruits and Chunks of Energy with nuts and super greens, as well as the teas, supplements, essential oils and incense, Salt lamps and candles, and CBD products. Check out the newly organized (and priced) Nature’s Sunshine products!–10% off with the purchase of two or more!