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Where does the time go? Nearly half way through 2021…we survived 2020 with less losses than the prognosticators predicted in December 2019 after the detection of the SARS-Covid-19 in Wahun, and the announcement of a pandemic by the WHO. No matter where you stand on this issue, each day is a new day, and we move FORWARD based on where we were yesterday. Two facts remain–What a blessing to live in Wyoming with its wide open spaces, and what a blessing to have an amazing body with so many amazing powers at defense and regeneration! Support your immune system and honor and build your natural immunities. We want to help you here at Bee Healthy– 🙂

What is at Bee Healthy this week and EVERY?

Group A boxes Thursday, and fresh produce Thursday AM in the coolers. Some of the expected veggies are the usual Greens (lettuce, spinach, kale, Swiss chard), Brassicas (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, bok choi, kale…not a typo…it is a Brassica green), root crops (carrots, red beets, ginger root and turmeric), Nightshades (Yukon potatoes, grape tomatoes, peppers including jalapenos), Alium (garlic, green onions, other onions of all colors), Curcubits (cucumbers and zucchini and one loan butternut…and this summer watermelons and cantaloupes in the CSA), Legumes (green beans), Asparagusceae (asparagus), Mushrooms (including Shiitake and Oyster with the Portabello and Crimini, and White), and lots of Fruit (Honeycrisp apples, Lemons and Limes and Halo tangerines this week and grapefruit, avocadoes, bananas, pineapples), and NEW THIS WEEK3 Fennel Bulbs with Fronds!

Essential Oil’s stock has been replenished and we are excited to be bringing in some Coriander later this week! Some of the immune beneficials are Pine, Oregano, Bergamot and other citrus… a nice blend of Harvest Lavender and Tranquility, and several Nature’s Sunshine noteworthy blends…many which can be ordered in at request. We also have a variety of Incenses, Salt Lamps and Candles, and other gift items.

Groceries, lots of good for you, many geared towards those with gluten sensitivities and lactose intolerances…pastas, flours, thickeners, nut and oak milks and creams, milk free cheeses and butters…and also lactose free dairy through Green Valley Creamery. Great Hummus and Pesto through Lilly’s and Bitchin’. Veganaise instead of mayo. Sauerkrauts and kimchi’s from Wildbrine, Farmhouse, and one last jar of Savage Cabbage. WOW gluten free cookies in the refrigerator…Oregan oatmeal with cranberries and other dried fruits, Snickerdoodle, Ginger Molasses…Farm fresh, locally raised Eggs…and lots of drinks (GT Daves Kombucha, Kevita Apple Cider Vinegar tonics, Rebbl Ashwaganda Chai and their Cold Brew and Gold Label with mushroom extracts…Coconut waters, Alo drinks, Vuka natural energies, Izzie lightly carbonated Clementine and Blackberry…waters both tonic, still, and alkaline…Good Belly probiotic juices in quarts and the Ceres Mango for your smoothie base…Maine Root Root Beer and Reed’s Ginger Beer…and others!

Avocado oil chips from Boulder Canyon, healthy multiple grain tortilla chips from Late July, and Barbara’s Cheese Puffs, Essential Living popcorn, Epic Pork Rinds, Brad’s Plant Based, Perfect Pretzels, and Sonoma Creamery Cheese (really cheese, not cheese flavored) crackers! Nuts and Dried fruits galore…a super gingered Wild Harvest Trail Mix (4 oz and 1 pound sizes). Chocolates: Chocolove, Endangered Species, Equal Exchange, and Lily’s Sweets with Stevia, and some Chocolate Espresso beans and Sunridge Ginger Chocolate Balls. Protein bars from Kind, NuGo, Cliff, Luna, Good to Go, Taos Bakes, Mama Honey’s (in the fridge with the Hail Merry chocolates and lemon cups), and the last supply of the Kate’s Bars from Jackson Hole (more to be ordered next month!).

Best selection of Teas (Yogi, Traditional Medicinals, Heath and Heather, Prince of Peace, Wisdom of the Ancients, Good Earth, Mate Factor, Numi, and Pukka…) Also, Teeccino Chicory Based ‘coffees’, Organic Cocoa powder, Caca Nibs, organic Coffee Beans for fresh coffee, and Instant Organic Coffee powder.

Expanded CBD supplies including a full restock of the Blue Ridge Hemp bath bombs, roll-ons, lotions, and teas. A small expansion of mushroom products in a central location…and Pet CBD’s.

FOUR shelving units of SupplementsNOW, Nature’s Sunshine, Mt Rose Herbs, Swanson’s, Secrets of the Tribe, Organic India, and others… As well as several shelves of herbal powders and encapsulator/gelatin capsules for making your own supplements at 1/3 the cost! Ancient Nutrition and YouTheory collagen powders, and Supergreens powders and other protein and healthy additions to your diet including Wellgenix Sea Essential (minerals) and Wellgenix Immune Support (vitamins, minerals, and herbals), both easy liquids to take a capful a day!

LOTS OF STUFF TO HELP YOU BE HEALTHY AT BEE HEALTHY!! Monday through Friday– 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, Saturday–10:00 am to 5:00 pm. 635 Big Horn Ave. Worland, WY 347-2766

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