What’s @ Bee Healthy That’s so SPECIAL?

Lots of stuff! Stevia sweetened Chocolate Chips, Almond Flour and other gluten free options (AND NOW Xanthan Gum to help bond the the gluten free flours together as gluten does!)…Cereals, organic bulk items in 1# to 2# bags, Beyond Burgers, gluten free Wraps and Tortillas, quality Cheese Loaves, and Fresh Produce (Saturday and Monday only)…

In the grocery section with the chocolate chips are the Namaste Carrot Cake Mix (enough for two cakes), three boxes of cereal (NuCo Coconut Crunch, Cascadian Farm Berry Vanilla Puffs, Annie’s Homegrown Friends Bunnies–boxed cereals are 20% off), and a ton of choices in good healthy granolas (Nature’s Path Love Crunch with chocolate and strawberries and their Golden Turmeric, Back to Nature Blueberry, Catalina Crunch Keto friendly Chocolate Banana, Love Grown Raisin Almond, and Taos Bakes Apple Pecan and Madagascar).

What makes granola healthy? Low to no sugar, whole grains mostly gluten free, and other ingredients to tickle our taste buds…like chocolate chunks, dried raspberries, turmeric, and a variety of dried fruits and nuts.

On the top shelf above the granolas are our re-packaged organic Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal, organic Arrowhead Mill Pinto Beans, and organic Buckwheat Groats. We buy 25# – 50# and then divide them up…cheaper and you’re not paying a ton for a pretty package and all the work that goes into designer bags. 🙂 BTWWe do not eat our oatmeal cooked but raw with raisins, nuts, and other fruit added. We don’t cover it with milk either…as you know oat makes its own milk! (Try some of the Oatmilk Ice Cream from So Delicious– green label with apples on the outside, and the Elmhurst Oat Milk in the refrigerated section…Elmhurst also has Almond and Cashew…no emulsifiers or other additives…)

What do you know about Buckwheat? First, it is not a grain or even wheat! It’s a mainstay in the Mediterranean diet, cooked like we cook rice. It is full of flavor and nutrient loaded. We have organic Buckwheat Groats on the top shelf with a label to help you to get to know them and how to cook them! We stocked some pastas made with buckwheat, but at the present they are out of stock…either a casualty of manufacturing shut down or increased demand…

In the Peanut Butter Section where we stock peanut, almond, and soy butters is another novel bagged item. It came in a large box with writing on the side that said “Almond Butter Grinder Chunks”, a mistake from UNFI one Friday. After looking into what the heck it was (the UNFI product label said “GT Strawberry Kombucha”), we found it was roasted almond chunks for making your own fresh Almond Butter!

But simplified: Here’s how the process normally goes for making butter…soak almonds, dry them (roast?), and then break into pieces. The bulk, semi-prepared Grinder Chunks are AMAZING…all the hard work is done, so you can have fresher butter at a much cheaper price AND with less time! A pint of Almond Butter costs around $15.00…this bag is equal to 3 times that amount for less than 2 times the price. All you need is a food processor, or maybe a VitaMix or Ninja, and a little honey–sliced apples or fresh bread is good, too…though a spoonful is delightful, too!

On the opposite side of the Rices, Flours, Cereals, and Baking Mixes, and east of the freezers, are the gluten free flours: coconut, cassava, rice, almond, bean…and now a small 3 oz bag of real Xanthan Gum.

What for, you ask? Xanthan Gum is used in binding non-gluten flours, thickening gravies and other cooking creations. Xanthan Gum is a fermented and dried product, and can be organic or man-made…ours is organic right from Bob’s Red Mill. 1/4 teaspoon to 2 teaspoon per cup is all it takes–we put those directions on the bag for you!

In the freezer we have marked down the Beyond Burgers 20%! This is part of our vegan ‘meat’ stock along with Dr. Praeger’s Veggie California Burgers (more coming in next week) and Amy’s California and Quarter Burgers. Dr. Praeger’s is a true veggie patty with whole peas and all! We have some Brioche buns in the freezer too that are light and tasty…non-gluten as well. Also for sale in the freezer’s are tortillas and wraps: The Real Coconut Company and Siete Almond or Quinoa tortillas...Also, liquidating the Ezekiel Pocket Breads that work great as a ‘tortilla’ or fry bread, but leak a bit as a ‘pocket’. All good flavor and gluten free–20% off!

Last item to tell you about is our 5# loaves of mild cheddar cheese. The label says “0 grams lactose” …

Cheesy Yellow Cheese - Colors Photo (34563243) - Fanpop
WHAT–lactose free from cow’s milk??? A little studying helped me to understand cheese making: the longer it is aged, the lower the lactose level. This cheese is California Premium (the brand name distributed by Romanio Dairy), a mild cheddar. I’ve bought this for our family for several years…good price, good quality, lasts well…but this time the company sent me 25# instead of 5#…so we have them marked reasonably and in the cooler to sell ($6.44/#). Give it a try!

Well that’s about it for now–What does Bee Healthy have that’s special? Lot’s of stuff! New produce every Thursday and the continuation of the Buyer’s Group with their Leap-Frog or Weekly boxes (still room to sign up if interested), gift ideas, and supplements to help build your immune system or enhance your health. A large selection of teas, essential oils, incense, gift ideas, and fun drinks and chips…better for you than pop and oily chips. FYI–for Saturday we have organic Cucumbers ($1.75 or 2/$3.25), 5 oz organic Spinach ($3.00), organic Broccoli ($3.75), half dozen organic Orange Bell Peppers ($3.25), organic Bananas ($.99/#) AND Green and Red Cabbage, Celery, Red Beets, 1# bag organic Kiwi, 3# bag Tri-colored Potatoes, organic lemons, organic Honeycrisp Apples. Produce is usually pulled Monday to make room for fresh– Stop in and Check it OUT!

The Farmer’s Wife AKA Terri…
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