Group B– Week 6 BOX Contents! Bee Healthy–

This week’s box goodies have been ordered and will be ready for Pick Up this Thursday at Bee Healthy!

5oz bag ORG Taylor Farms Baby Spinach, Cauliflower, 1# ORG Carrots, ORG Cucumber, NEW 1# pouch ORG Sweet Medley Sweet Peppers, ORG Grape Tomatoes, 12 oz bag ORG Earthbound Green Beans (ready to cook!), ORG Red Onion, and 2# bag locally raised All Blue Potatoes— $30

You may see veggies but I see a box full of healthy stuff! Caro-tene, anthocyanin, lycopene and Vitamin C, allium with their immune boosting and anti-cancer gifts, and another good source of potassium. The more organic the better…but poor quality organic is NOT acceptable! Veggies should have flavor and snap! From the moment of harvest the fresh veggies begin to degrade, and thank goodness! If it didn’t degrade then it is preserved…if it is preserved there is a good chance our digestive tract will be hindered in breaking it down, and the nutritional value is less with the burden to the system greater. How do we unlock the life-giving gift of veggies if we can’t break them down? It’s like slow starvation…But don’t take this literal and discard canning, drying, or freezing….these are things we do to stretch the benefit of our food into the months when fresh is not possible!


SPINACH is great in a salad (of course), but just as healthy cooked down in a little water or steamed. When cooked spinach will lose some nutrients but not as much as other veggies. The Farmer likes a little vinegar on his cooked spinach, The Farmer’s Wife likes a little Balsamic vinegar on her raw spinach salad. Both vinegars are good for the gut!

CAULIFLOWER is one of those Brassica’s, as is Broccoli and Kale, considered a super powerhouse food. Great steamed, cooked, roasted on the grille with a little oil, or in the oven with melted cheese. Cauliflower is very versatile as a gluten free pizza dough (check out the internet), or ‘riced’ with seasonings…sorta like a pilaf.

CARROTS are the carotene critter…veggies that are naturally yellow or orange have carotene which we can convert into Vitamin A. Carrots are great sliced into little sticks for treats, or grated into your spinach salad, or steamed or cooked in a small saucepan with butter and herbs added. Carrots can be grated and added to the ‘riced’ cauliflower pilaf, or added to some Near East packaged (and inexpensive) converted rice sold at Bee Healthy.

Alium is of course the RED ONION…other alium’s are garlic, shallots, and leeks. CUCUMBERS and GREEN BEANS are in their own class. Cucumbers are in the same family as melons and so will not store long–eat them first! Green Beans in your box are prewashed and ready to eat–eat them second! Green Beans are legumes which are very nutritious–

The anthocyanin veggie is the ALL BLUE POTATOES, which are a deep purple and full of flavor, as well as a good source of potassium. Don’t cook them with polish sausage–your son will complain about not being able to tell the difference between the sliced potatoes and the sliced sausage. 🙁 Anthocyanin’s are anti-cancer and include purple carrots, purple cauliflower, and all those wonderful red and purple berries (raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries)….Bee Healthy has some great powder berry mixes to add to your morning nutritional smoothie! Give your body a boost! A little warning on these spuds…these blue potatoes will color everything else blue…Nutritionally that’s not a problem, visually it can be boring! I made potato soup ONCE with purple potatoes…the soup was gray…not very appetizing in looks!

SWEET PEPPERS in a pouch and GRAPE TOMATOES are your nightshades. Nightshade for some are poisonous, more on that at a different time. They nightshades are a good source of Vitamin C, and tomatoes contain lycopene which have proven themselves important for men’s health.

Overall enjoy your box of veggies! Think of whole foods for whole nutrition…. We learned in the garden that healthy soil grows healthy plants. The healthier the plant the less of a target for insects, bacteria, and fungal diseases. The same holds true for us: A healthy gut fed with healthy whole foods will provide less of a target for disease and discomfort. To your HEALTH! See you Thursday for the Veggie Boxes with Buyer’s Group– 3 EXTRA’s this week for folks interested in giving it a shot–try it and then sign up for the rest of the Buyer’s Group this year…15 more weeks…then we transition to the REAL THING…THE GARDEN! Wahoo! Planting the high tunnels next week! Starting the transplants for the garden the first week in April!!

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