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Happy MONDAY! Group A, APRIL 1st–Good Stuff…Inventory growing DAILY at Bee Healthy!

Happy Monday…hope your Monday was tamer than my Monday! April is rapidly approaching and so are the garden plans and work–The farmer has the high tunnels cleaned out and ready to plant! This is for goodies that will go into the Buyer’s Group…fresh bok choi, radishes, snap peas, and green onions. As well as the mini-head Broccolini and Dinosaur Kale–Once the high tunnels are planted then the focus is to the garden prep and the plants growing in the greenhouse. May is the magic month for setting plants out! Plan on being a part of this great adventure!

Now…back to the Buyer’s Group at Bee Healthy. Group A Box: 3# HALO Mandarin Oranges, ORG Swiss Chard (Swiss Chard Salad recipe under Recipe of the best!), ORG Lemon (to use in the dressing for the Swiss Chard salad), Cauliflower, ORG Brussels Sprouts, ORG Carrots, ORG Cucumber, Texas Sweet Honey Onion (new this year!), Red/White/Blue Creamer Potatoes (Red, Yukon, and All Blue–we can only get 2# in the box, but will have additional for sale). — $30 All these beauties of nutritional delight coming from Spokane Produce and handled with love by The Farmer!

Thursday is Fresh Produce Day at Bee Healthy–more of the same: fresh Greybull Valley Lettuces, tomatoes, green peppers and more of those delicious ORG Sweet Pepper Pouches (1#), Cucumbers and Broccoli, ORG Bananas for $.99/#, fresh ginger and turmeric root ALWAYS, Avocadoes, Pineapples, 1# bag of ORG Kiwi’s at the special price of $4.25 ($2 OFF), ORG Japanese Yams, ORG Zucchini this week, and the variety of Mushrooms (I call dibs on the ORG Shiitake’s)…Come and check it out. 10% discount for all Buyer’s Group members–other store discounts to apply!

Visit, check out the CSA tab…sign up on line, pay using the PayPal link or drop payment at Bee Healthy. We served fresh veggies from the garden to 169 folks in 2020 –hope for the same or more this year! Lots of information under the CSA tab!

CSA Membership OPEN! And of course, Fresh Produce tomorrow at Bee Healthy–

That’s right…THURSDAY is Fresh Produce DAY at Bee Healthy…Boxes for Group B…3 EXTRA’S! (10% off store stock for Group B members!)

GOOD NEWS…The CSA Membership Drive is open! Website has been updated and is ready for you to sign up on line–Pay using the PayPal link, or mail a check, or stop by Bee Healthy and pay, or consider an installment option. The only requirement is that all is paid in full before we begin harvest in July. Pay upfront by May 15th and get your last box free–$30 savings.

Shop Bee Healthy, Fresh produce on Thursday’s or join the Buyer’s Group for more variety…then get ready for garden goods in the summer into the fall by joining the CSA– Enjoy and thrive!

Group B this Week…really…Group B! and other Good Stuff at Bee Healthy–

Yes, time flies and I often have trouble tracking the weeks….Rico pointed out to me last week that he was pretty sure he was Group A and it was his turn and not Group B as I posted…and he was right! So, THIS week is Group B (2nd and 4th Thursday of the month)…

Boxes: ORG Rainbow Swiss Chard, ORG Lemons, ORG Cucumber, and 1# ORG Red Beets (all important ingredients to a dynamite Swiss Chard Salad–Recipe below), and 2 Avocados, 4 Heirloom Oranges, ORG Celery, ORG Red Cabbage, ORG Mini Rainbow carrots– 12 oz bag, ORG Red Onion, and 1-1/2# bag of baby Honey Gold Potatoes (full of flavor)–all for $30. (Remember: 10% off your other groceries or such with the purchase of your BOX!)


Swiss Chard, Red Beets, and Spinach (for sale in the fridge) are all in the same healthy family. In Dr. Abel’s book The Eye Care Revolution he reminds us multiple times about the value of spinach for eye health. He recommends spinach multiple times a week. We sell a 1/2# bag of Organic Baby Spinach for $3.75–what you don’t eat in 4 days throw into a pan with water, cook till tender, and sprinkle with a little vinegar–enjoy as a green side dish. Spinach (as well as broccoli) is just as healthy cooked as raw…its nutritional value is not diminished like so many of the other veggies! In Dr. Walters book Minerals for the Genetic Code he states that beets have the ability to rebuild damaged DNA–that is miraculous to my way of thinking! Red Beets can be wrapped in foil and baked in the oven like a potato. Test with a fork for doneness. They can be peeled (slips off easily when cooked), sliced and eaten with a little butter (or vinegar again), or store in the fridge to make Harvard Beets for a different meal…yummy! (A recipe from The Farmer’s mom!–sweet and sour in one dish…reminiscent of pickled beets. Recipe below, too!)

Avocados are the healthy fat that was demonized a decade (or two) back, but has been redeemed, and its place on the good food side restored. Potatoes have suffered the same fate (demonization) though they are an excellent source of potassium. The problem with many folks isn’t the potatoes, but the way their body stores the carbs in potatoes as adipose fat. Also, potatoes are a nightshade, along with tomatoes and peppers, so that can create problems for some folk’s systems, too. We love our potatoes–Purple Viking is our favorite, Russets is my least favorite…sometimes dry and bland… but we tend to eat them seasonally and not 24/7/12 months out of the year.

I think you have heard me speak of anthocyanins (red/purple coloring in foods) which are high in antioxidants to help eliminate the toxic waste of normal cell activities, and some impaired functions of our cell activity as well…this box has Red Cabbage, Red Beets, Red Onion, and Rainbow Mini-carrots with Red pigmentation. To your HEALTH!


(Recipe by Hilah cooking at

Serves 4

Swiss chard can easily be ribbon cut and added to any salad, but the beauty of this recipe is the chard is softened by letting it sit for 15-20 minutes–this breaks down the tougher fibers in the leaves.  Excellent flavor–recipe is a keeper to make over and over.


3 cups chopped Swiss Chard

4 t. olive oil

2 t. red wine vinegar or cider vinegar

2 t. Lemon juice

2 t. maple syrup

Salt and pepper, a couple of shakes each

1 c. diced cucumber

1 small beet, sliced thinly and slices cut into quarters (raw)

½ c. golden raisins or dried cranberries

¼ c. toasted sunflower seeds


  1. Cut the stems out of the chard and put them back in the refrigerator for making hot dog stir-fry later. Stack the chard leaves and roll them into a tight cylinder.  Cut the cylinder into ¼” slices, giving you long chard ribbons.  That’s called a chiffonade!
  2. Put chard into a large bowl and add oil, vinegar, lemon juice, maple syrup, salt and pepper, and toss to coat the chard.
  3. Add everything else and toss.
  4. Let it sit 15-30 minutes to get the chard leaves softened.  Eat it and be the healthiest person you know.


Serves 4

4 cooked beets—peeled and cubed

2 to 4 T butter

1 T. sugar

1 t. cornstarch

2 t. vinegar

Re-heat beets in a saucepan with 2/3 C. water. Add butter, sugar, vinegar. Dissolve cornstarch in a small amount of water, and add to beets. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to a simmer, and cook until thickened.

Group B–Buyer’s Group–Bee Healthy

Fresh veggies every Thursday for everyone and Special Boxes of specific veggies for the Buyer’s Group! This week we will have a special guest:

“Kris Robertson from Diamond S Ranch in Hyattville will be here to share her Dairy Delights with us.  Kris operates a small dairy with quality raw milk, kefir, yogurt, butter, cheeses, and more!  She will have some of her tasty dairy products to share with everyone starting at 10am this Thursday.  Check out her Diamond S Delights blog ( to learn about the products she’ll be bringing including “Dream Cheese” and get ahead of the line by placing your product order now!”

Claire Striff

This week’s Buyer’s Group SPECIAL BOX: ORG Taylor Farms Spinach – 5oz, ORG Broccoli, ORG Baby Rainbow Carrots– 12 oz bag, ORG Green Onions and ORG Red Onion, ORG Cucumber, ORG Sweet Pepper Medley Pouch– 1#, ORG Red Creamer Potatoes– 2#, and ORG Honeycrisp Apples from Washington state– 3# bag– $30 (3 EXTRA’s this week! Text 431-1219 to reserve–)

This is a pretty straight up box, nothing complex or unusual…just remember to keep potatoes out of sunlight and in a cool dark place. Box contents are ALL ORGANIC this week!

So…I’m going to share some of the old & new items at Bee Healthy that I am thrilled about!

PASTASTaste Republic Gluten-Free Linguini, in the refrigerated section…$5.16

Tinkyada, Rice Flour–Lasagna, elbow Macaroni, Fetticinni, and Tiny Shells…cooks without turning to mush…$3.85 to $4.99

Jovial Gluten Free Farfalle (Bows!), 100% organic Brown Rice flour and water….$4.59

Tolerant Organic Rotini and Penne made from Chickpea and Red and Green Lentils………$4.85

Lotus Foods (the makers of the amazing Forbidden Rice, rice of royalty in China), Jade Pearl Rice Noodle Ramen…..$7.07 (4 large bundles–use your own seasonings!)

Lotus Foods Pad Thai Rice Soba Noodles……….$4.65

Delalla Organic Whole Wheat Spaghetti…………….$4.96

Pamela’s Mac and Cheese packages, including Vegan Mac…priced to liquidate…gluten free kits……..$2.66 and $5.89

Annie Chun Noodle Bowls– Pad Thai and Kung Pao…$4.50

Dr. McDougall’s Asian Cups–One meal Noodles and broth packet–Teriyaki and Spicy Kung Pao……..$2.66

And New Last Friday:

So Delicious Cashewmilk Ice Cream–Snickerdoodle…………………..pint– $7.75

So Delicious Oatmilk Ice Cream–Caramel Apple Crumble………pint– $7.75

(Check out the other So Delicious ‘ice cream’ products! Also, have a few remaining Half Pints discounted to sell…$6.20…look for the RED DOT)

Kite Hill Almond milk Cream Cheese with of the best non-dairy!…and Violife Cream Cheese and other non-dairy cheeses…sliced, shredded, and parmesan wedge…..$5.68 to $9.50

NEW Good Belly Mango…to join our other Good Belly pro-biotic fruit drinks: Blueberry Acai, Raspberry Blackberry,and Pomegrante Blackberry….$4.75… Buy One and Get the second $1.00 off!

And much much much MORE! Stop in and check it out!

Group B– Week 6 BOX Contents! Bee Healthy–

This week’s box goodies have been ordered and will be ready for Pick Up this Thursday at Bee Healthy!

5oz bag ORG Taylor Farms Baby Spinach, Cauliflower, 1# ORG Carrots, ORG Cucumber, NEW 1# pouch ORG Sweet Medley Sweet Peppers, ORG Grape Tomatoes, 12 oz bag ORG Earthbound Green Beans (ready to cook!), ORG Red Onion, and 2# bag locally raised All Blue Potatoes— $30

You may see veggies but I see a box full of healthy stuff! Caro-tene, anthocyanin, lycopene and Vitamin C, allium with their immune boosting and anti-cancer gifts, and another good source of potassium. The more organic the better…but poor quality organic is NOT acceptable! Veggies should have flavor and snap! From the moment of harvest the fresh veggies begin to degrade, and thank goodness! If it didn’t degrade then it is preserved…if it is preserved there is a good chance our digestive tract will be hindered in breaking it down, and the nutritional value is less with the burden to the system greater. How do we unlock the life-giving gift of veggies if we can’t break them down? It’s like slow starvation…But don’t take this literal and discard canning, drying, or freezing….these are things we do to stretch the benefit of our food into the months when fresh is not possible!


SPINACH is great in a salad (of course), but just as healthy cooked down in a little water or steamed. When cooked spinach will lose some nutrients but not as much as other veggies. The Farmer likes a little vinegar on his cooked spinach, The Farmer’s Wife likes a little Balsamic vinegar on her raw spinach salad. Both vinegars are good for the gut!

CAULIFLOWER is one of those Brassica’s, as is Broccoli and Kale, considered a super powerhouse food. Great steamed, cooked, roasted on the grille with a little oil, or in the oven with melted cheese. Cauliflower is very versatile as a gluten free pizza dough (check out the internet), or ‘riced’ with seasonings…sorta like a pilaf.

CARROTS are the carotene critter…veggies that are naturally yellow or orange have carotene which we can convert into Vitamin A. Carrots are great sliced into little sticks for treats, or grated into your spinach salad, or steamed or cooked in a small saucepan with butter and herbs added. Carrots can be grated and added to the ‘riced’ cauliflower pilaf, or added to some Near East packaged (and inexpensive) converted rice sold at Bee Healthy.

Alium is of course the RED ONION…other alium’s are garlic, shallots, and leeks. CUCUMBERS and GREEN BEANS are in their own class. Cucumbers are in the same family as melons and so will not store long–eat them first! Green Beans in your box are prewashed and ready to eat–eat them second! Green Beans are legumes which are very nutritious–

The anthocyanin veggie is the ALL BLUE POTATOES, which are a deep purple and full of flavor, as well as a good source of potassium. Don’t cook them with polish sausage–your son will complain about not being able to tell the difference between the sliced potatoes and the sliced sausage. 🙁 Anthocyanin’s are anti-cancer and include purple carrots, purple cauliflower, and all those wonderful red and purple berries (raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries)….Bee Healthy has some great powder berry mixes to add to your morning nutritional smoothie! Give your body a boost! A little warning on these spuds…these blue potatoes will color everything else blue…Nutritionally that’s not a problem, visually it can be boring! I made potato soup ONCE with purple potatoes…the soup was gray…not very appetizing in looks!

SWEET PEPPERS in a pouch and GRAPE TOMATOES are your nightshades. Nightshade for some are poisonous, more on that at a different time. They nightshades are a good source of Vitamin C, and tomatoes contain lycopene which have proven themselves important for men’s health.

Overall enjoy your box of veggies! Think of whole foods for whole nutrition…. We learned in the garden that healthy soil grows healthy plants. The healthier the plant the less of a target for insects, bacteria, and fungal diseases. The same holds true for us: A healthy gut fed with healthy whole foods will provide less of a target for disease and discomfort. To your HEALTH! See you Thursday for the Veggie Boxes with Buyer’s Group– 3 EXTRA’s this week for folks interested in giving it a shot–try it and then sign up for the rest of the Buyer’s Group this year…15 more weeks…then we transition to the REAL THING…THE GARDEN! Wahoo! Planting the high tunnels next week! Starting the transplants for the garden the first week in April!!

Another FRESH Produce Day and Boxes for Group A–THURSDAY, March 4th @ Bee Healthy

Box this week: Greybull Valley Butterhead living lettuce, ORG Washington Fuji Apples, ORG Broccoli, ORG Celery, ORG Cucumber, ORG Leeks (and helps below if they are new to you!), ORG Green Bell Pepper, ORG 1-1/2# bag Ruby Sensation baby potatoes, and ORG Butternut Squash$30


NEW! Peelz Mandarin’s 3# bag, ORG Mangoes, ORG Lacinato Kale, and ORG Red Bell Peppers, ORG Russet Bakers, 2# bags of ORG Red Creamer Potatoes, and ORG Poppies Tomatoes on the Vine

MORE of the GREAT Earthbound Green Beans (ready to cook), ORG Brussels Sprouts, ORG Green Cabbage and ORG Red Cabbage, ORG Red Beets, plenty of Heirloom Oranges, ORG Fuji Apples, 1# bags of ORG Cliptop Carrots, ORG Celery, ORG Kiwi packs (1# bags), Avocadoes, ORG Cucumbers (good and firm last week, hoping for the same this week!), ORG Rainbow Chard (wonderful Swiss Chard Salad recipe at, Variety of Mushrooms (both conventional White, Portabella and Mini-bell…Organic Oyster and Shiitake), ORG Roma Tomatoes, and the fresh baby Spinach from Taylor Farms (we sort and bag–8 oz). Sweet Potatoes (AKA Yams), ORG Lemons, and lots of Lloyd Craft Farms Onions carried over!

We always stock Greybull Valley Lettuces, ORG Ginger root and ORG Turmeric root, ORG Dates

Reduced to sell NOW: ORG Parsley for $2.00, Lloyd Craft Farms Celeriac for $2.00, ORG Orange Bell Peppers for $3.25, 4 pack of ORG Jalapeno Peppers for $1.75 (poppers!), ORG Green Onions for $1.25, ORG Garlic for $.75, 2 Rio Star Grapefruit for $1.00 each, ORG Spaghetti and Delicata winter squash, and 4 BEAUTIFUL and LUSCIOUS Pineapples for $5.00 each!

BOX INFO–Fresh veggies always lend themselves to a great salad (Butterhead lettuce, bell pepper, cucumber, celery)…Waldorf type salad (celery, apple, add walnuts and raisins…both at Bee Healthy!)…Broccoli Mayo Salad (Broccoli, raisin, and green onion tossed in Veganaise)…Simple dressing of Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar…(add craisins or sunflower seeds for tart and crunch!)

Leeks are the special treat this week! Leeks are in the alium family, but are the mild members of the onion clan. They require special cleaning as they are buried in sand as they grow to keep the base white. Split the sides from top to nearly the bottom but keep it intact, bend back and run water over the insides to flush out sand. Once washed they can be sliced thinly and cooked for a great Potato Leek soup (recipes on line or at recipe tab). We also have a Leek Cauliflower soup recipe that includes cashews or slivered almonds as a secret ingredient! You can use the green tops and the white bottoms. Experiment with them where you usually use onions–I think you will enjoy them! (I slice them and keep in the fridge to add to a meal with out the time for prep!)

Photo by Kaboompics .com on

Butternut Squash is a winter must! High in beta-carotene which we transform into Vitamin A, much needed for the winter months. Cook it ahead in the crock pot, oven, or slice and steam. We are all familiar with baked squash (cut, scoop out seeds, add oil to the cavity, cover and bake in the oven until tender). BUT it makes wonderful Bisque (creamed soup using winter squash)…we have several recipes under Recipes tab. I have one that is fast and easy using the precooked squash. Onions are a must…don’t be afraid to use the leek! Milk is not an absolute necessity…

Enjoy! See you Thursday Group A. One extra BOX this week for someone interested in giving it a trial run. AND REMEMBER–10% off the goodies at Bee Healthy with the purchase of your box! Continuing the 20% off on the Pints of Ice Cream, Almond Milk Ice Cream, and Coconut Milk Ice Cream…delightful!!