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Group A @ Bee Healthy for Buyer’s Group THIS THURSDAY…Feb 18

Box items this week: Greybull Valley Lettuce, ORG Lemon, 3# Heirloom Oranges, ORG 1# Brussels sprouts, ORG Orange Bell Pepper, ORG Zucchini, ORG Cucumber, Cauliflower, Lloyd Craft Farms Onion, 2# ORG Sweet Potatoes (AKA Garnet or Jewel Yams), — $30

Heirloom oranges are the BEST–slice and eat, or juice! This is what oranges were like before we wanted the trees to bear heavier and the skin to be thicker– I’m so happy when it is Heirloom orange season!!

Brussels sprouts are a power house of nutrition. They are in the Brassica family with broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbages…also the same family as some of the lesser known radishes…that explains why ‘bolted’ cauliflower taste like radishes! My favorite way to fix Brussels is in the cast iron skillet. Trim the end and slice in half, slightly steam in the covered skillet, then add olive oil and cook at medium heat until tender throughout! Salt and pepper to taste. You can add some dried cranberries to switch it up. There is a recipe under for Brussels sprouts with a Balsamic reduction…I give you a short-cut…. HMMMMM

Lettuce, orange bell pepper, and cucumber lend themselves to a healthy salad. Add some Green Valley Cottage Cheese to the top (lactase added to help with digestion for those lactose sensitive). Wildbrine Red Cabbage and Red Beet Kraut are a great side. Other kraut varieties are Bubbies, Wildbrine Garlic Kraut, Farmhouse Sauerkraut, or the Savage Cabbage made from Lloyd Craft Farm cabbage. A spoonful on the side gives you a little probiotic boost! Dress the salad with a fresh squeeze of lemon and a little drizzle of olive oil. We also have some quick and easy salad dressing packets, or pre-bottled dressings at Bee Healthy!

Cauliflower can be steamed with melted cheese on top, or a creamed cheese sauce. Cauliflower can be ‘riced’, stirred and seasoned like rice pilaf! Some have also sliced the cauliflower, brushed it with oil, salt and peppered, and broiled in the oven until roasted and tender. Can be grilled, if you are up to the frigid cold and your grill will fire up! There is an awesome Cauliflower soup recipe– uses roasted or broiled cashews or almonds (we have both at Bee Healthy). Throw them in the blender or use an immersion blender to combine with the cooked cauliflower. Great flavor, nice consistency.

Don’t forget Bee Healthy has lots of healthy supplements, teas, frozen goodies, drinks and chippy types, variety of Chocolove chocolate bars (some with no sugar, some with no dairy), and other groceries, flours, grains and cereals! 10% off with the purchase of your box!

If you are interested in joining or a box, let us know by Wednesday morning! No more openings but we can most likely squeeze a new member in this week, and plan for a larger group the next time around! Enjoy!!