Group B- Buyer’s Group— Thursday @ Bee Healthy…Below is Info for your BOX!

This week:  ORG Pink Lady apples, Avocado, 2 ORG lemons, ORG Broccoli, ORG Red Bell Pepper and ORG Cucumber, ORG Sunrise Medley Potatoes, Lloyd Craft Farms Onion, and Lloyd Craft Farms Celeriac.  Below is some information on the Celeriac, for those of you that are new to the cousin to the beloved celery…and information on the other goodies! 3 EXTRA BOXES AVAILABLE THIS WEEK–text 431-1219 to RESERVE!

Celeriac is one of our favorites for winter time use: excellent storage, stronger flavor than celery, and does not cook down as much in the soups and other dishes. You will want to trim some of the outer skin (the farmer has brushed them clean for you), but not until you are ready to use it. Store in the fridge in a bag. You can use it over several weeks. I like to grate it raw into a tossed salad! Makes good snacks cut into thin slices and eaten raw, or dipped in a little Ranch.

ORG Honeycrisps took a jump this week to $4/#–they are the most expensive apples. I am told it is because they require more preparation in packaging– each stem has to be trimmed so it doesn’t puncture the skin of another when packed….hmmmm…interesting. This week I went with the Pink Lady, another great choice. Here’s some health trivia…and we are all about health:

“Pink Lady apples can provide greater health benefits than other varieties, according to a study. The study, undertaken by the University of Western Australia and the Department of Agriculture and Food, found Pink Lady apples had elevated levels of flavonoids, which are natural compounds, also called antioxidants.” May 21, 2014


Avocado and lemon are a great start for GUACAMOLE–add your favorite salsa or some green chilies…maybe a little Tajin seasoning, or chili powder, or cilantro. Lemon will keep the dip from oxidizing so quickly. Don’t make more than you need. 😉 **We have Late July chips, either Lime flavored or Chia and Quinoa…great guac dippers! (10% off with your box of veggies for $30.)

The onion, like the Celeriac. is also from the farm and a product of our 2020 Fall–once cut, store in the fridge, in a bag. Four varieties of onions remain: white Ringmaster or Sierra Blanca (Ringmaster is generally bigger and more rounded in shape, maybe not quite as sweet as the Sierra), yellow Highlander (usually now a sweet and that’s why it is the best storage onion we have), and Redwing (farmer tells me a lot of them have started to grow–that means the season was a little short for them and they didn’t reach full maturity before we pulled and dried them). I wouldn’t be surprised if there might be a sweet yellow Candy onion left, too! Love my onions sautéed! Not a fan of raw…though the whites are full of flavor and are good raw! Maybe slice your onion with tomatoes, cucumbers, and a little red bell in a vinaigrette.

The Broccoli is Organic this week. Last year, after the EWG Clean 15 list was published, I began to buy conventional broccoli. The cost of the organic had gotten high, demand had gone down and then the quality because it was not being sold before it was old. When it was reported that the pesticide level was lower than in the past, we started considering conventional. Last week I felt the quality of conventional was slightly diminished, so I checked the price of the organic. Organic broccoli has responded to market pressure, and is more competitively priced–We’ll see how it looks and tastes when the truck gets in! Usually organic tastes better!

Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, and Potatoes are also organic this week. The potatoes are what we call C’s (or baby) and are great boiled. No need to peel them, and they are a mix of several varieties to get the different colors, and slight mixtures of flavors. They are raised specifically for their size and may be considered a type of fingerling. Enjoy! (Good recipe at, recipe tab)

See you THURSDAY! Group B this week–but, of course, Thursday is Fresh Veggie Day and everyone is welcome. Lots of Farm Fresh Eggs too! Heck, everyday is a great shopping day at Bee Healthy–lots of healthy choices and good supplements, snacks, drinks, teas, frozen breads, and foods for those gluten or dairy intolerant– M-F 10-5:30, Saturday 10-5

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