NEWS from The Bee–Week 2 February

If you stopped in some time looking for something and we didn’t have it, there is a GOOD chance we have it now! We try to listen to folks…and in fact, I learn SOOO much from folk on a search! Here’s some of what we have stocked because an inquiry was made:

DGL–chewables. Great for acid reflux and mild digestion problems. (Ginger chews from Prince of Peace seem to work too! As well as Essentia water which balances out the excessive acid in your system from your food–)

Hemp Hearts–on the shelf with the Quinoa and gluten-free flours, crackers, and cornmeals. We also have Amaranth and Eikhorn flours, the ancient grains which are not as hybridized and seem easier to digest!

Coco Joy Coconut Water–in the cooler with the Blue Monkey. Coconut oil is a good thing to incorporate into your healthy diet: MCT in the supplement section, Nutiva unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil in the grocery section, and check out the Personal Care items with a coconut base! Bagging some Bob’s Red Mill Shredded Coconut for the shelf, too!

Samazon Acai juice–right next to the Good Belly juices with early morning live pro-biotics. Also, a powerful Samazon Energy Drink to jump start the heart for those with sleepy head syndrome! (We also have teas, coffee substitutes, organic coffee beans, organic cocoa powder, and Cacao powders and nibs, too.)

Plant Based Burgers: Amy’s California Burger (GF, Diary Free), Dr. Praeger’s California Burger (a true veggie burger with a load of whole veggies in it–hmmmmmm!), and Beyond Beef Burger (new this week). **BTW–hoping to get some local beef raised on pasture in Ten Sleep (Big Trails) this week in the freezer section along with the Montana Beef and Polish sausage.

Frozen Raspberries, Strawberries, and Triple Berries–fresh and full of flavor, reasonably priced!

Wide variety of Vitamin C–and more coming from Nature’s Sunshine…on the shelf Ester C Time Release, Ester C with Vitamin D3, Ascorbic Acid powder to add to water for greater absorption. The GSE products from Nutribiotic are worth the look, too!

Sleep helps–teas, gummies, herbals, Melatonin Time Release, and Organic Tart Cherry Juice to allow your body to make its own melatonin. If sleep aids don’t seem to work for you maybe it is an over-production of serotonin caused by stress. In that case we’ve got some good Adaptogenic drinks to help calm the flight and fight planted deep in your soul! (Mushrooms are great Adaptogenics….along with Ashwaganda…lots of organic supplements in that arena!)

Come and visit! M-F 10-5:30, Saturday 10-5. Friendly atmosphere with helpful folks!

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