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Yep, it is Thursday again and the fresh produce will be stocked! This week we have Cauliflower $3.00 each, 1-1/2# Broccoli Crowns $3.50, and 1# ORG Brussels Sprouts $6.75. The last of the Greybull Valley lettuce for this week (out of supply for next week—lettuce needs a little more growing time I’m told...)

New supply of 8oz bags of Organic Taylor Farms Baby Spinach, 2pack Bell Peppers (green and orange) $6.25. ORG Celery this week $3.00, ORG Swiss Chard ($3.75) and ORG Kale ($3.50), Lloyd Craft Farms Green Cabbage (6# average weight/$1.00 per pound) and Celeriac (super addition to any soup!). ORG Cliptop Carrots $1.75 each 1# bag. $2.00/# for Sweet Potatoes (Yams, to most!). The ORG Honeycrisp apples are the BOMB! YUM–$3.75/# from Washington state.

Avocadoes this week at $1.25 each, more Lloyd Craft Farms Potatoes (3# for $3.75), White Ringmaster Onions, Red Onions, and a few sweet Candy yellow–$2.00 each. Winter Squash, mostly Acorn and Spaghetti squash to finish out the season! No bananas–we couldn’t eat any more banana cream pies! (Went ripe too fast– we baked 3 pies and 8 parfait cups Sunday…)

Come and check it out! Lots of great stock at Bee Healthy, too! New Probiotic Good Belly juices in the cooler, and the Hail Merry chocolates and Meyer Lemon cups! Clearance on the Milked Oats and Milked Almond milks ($6.00 from $8.90–found a better price!), lots of sauerkrauts and probioticsViva Immunity shots of Turmeric root, Ginger root, Elderberry, and Black PepperHot Stuff! Also the You Gut This shots (a different strain of bacteria to help balance out the Lacto and Bifido).

And a plug for the Buyer’s Group which opens up for next week! Text 431-1219 to sign up. More information at under the Buyer’s Group tab. Cost is $30 each week–do a weekly or Leap Frog for every other week. $30 gets you a wide selection of great veggies and a few fruits, and 10% off that day in Bee Healthy!

See you soon! Be Healthy and take care of your immune system…well….all of your systems!! 🙂

The Farmer’s Wife

Buyer’s Group @ Bee Healthy

We are ALL busy, busy all the time!  We here on Big Horn Avenue are busy, busy building a cooler at Bee Healthy…who’s ready for a box of veggies and maybe some fruit in season!? 

If it’s you…text 431-1219 with your name and whether a weekly or Leap-Frog BOX. 

Terms: sign up for first or second Thursday in February.  Program runs through June.  Group is considered FULL when we have 40 folks each week…

Box value is $30-  good balance of good quality produce.  🙂   25 boxes available February 4th at Bee Healthy, more for later weeks as membership grows.  

10% off at Bee Healthy for members on their Thursday.  

Check out Buyer’s Group page at for more information.  

Saturday Sales at Bee Healthy!

Open today–10:00 to 5:00, 635 Big Horn Ave. WORLAND. First day of 2021! Last day for the sale on Amy’s frozen Bowls and Light&Lean Dinners. $1.00 off, store in your freezer for that quick meal. To those who took advantage of the sale earlier this week– Thanks for helping us make room for the 2 new Deep Indian Kitchen Breads: Garlic Naan & Tandoori. (Vegetarian, made from scratch, & Non-GMO–reduced price due to a special deal from the distributor!)

Other new items that came in Friday: Sweet Lisa’s Chocolate Chunk Cookies (Dairy and Gluten Free–Refrigerated and ready to bake!–$5.50), Brad’s Plant-based Snack Crackers made with Kale and Broccoli (3 kinds!), Pretzel Crisps (Original, Garden Veggie, & Everything–great to dip in the Blue Moose and Lilly’s hummus spreads, or the Bitchin’ Pesto!), Skinny Almond Lemon Bliss & Skinny Almond Dark Chocolate (2 kinds, and the Justin’s white chocolate covered almonds–All marked at $5.50 which is a super price for Almonds!)

We also have a great supply of organic vegetables and Pink Lady Apples…more of the Lloyd Craft Farms potatoes, onions, winter squash, and celeriac. A good supply of Greybull Valley Butterhead and Green Leaf Lettuce. 8 oz bags of organic Taylor Farms Baby Spinach. Good supply of locally raised fresh chicken EGGS!

Check out some of our drinks, OLD AND NEW: Good Belly probiotic juice, Goldenthread Elderberry Defense (no added sugar), Essentia (alkaline water to counter acid reflux), Feverfew and Q Tonic waters to take with your Zinc, Alo (3 kinds of aloe vera drinks), Vuka natural energy (Mango and Berry Lemonade), Xing Tea, GT Daves Kombucha, Dr. Brew Kombucha, Coco Joy and Taste of Nirvana coconut waters (Blue Monkey, too), and much more.

In the cooler fridge: Vegan cheeses, Lactose-free Green Valley sour cream and cottage cheese, Vegan ‘butter’, Wow gluten and dairy free cookies, lots of varieties of Kimchi and Sauerkraut (raw, so may take some adjusting), Natural Energy bars with nuts and fruits, Dates and Dates rolled in Coconut, organic Walnuts, and Megaflora Probiotics as well as an immune booster shot and You Gut This probiotic shot.

In addition to the dinners and breads in the freezer, we have a new dairy-free ice cream called Coconut Bliss, and a restock of the Halo Top Blueberry Crumble…try them all as well as the Bubbie’s Hawaii Mochi and our Sandwich bars, too (one dairy, one not)!

Lots of great stuff to chose from and prices to take advantage of! If you don’t make it in Saturday, we are open week-days M-F, 10:00 am to 5:30 pm. Stop in and check it out! the Farmer’s Wife aka Terri