AMY’s Frozen Dinner and Fresh Produce at Bee Healthy…Stock up for The New Year!

How often would you just like something FAST for dinner? How about something fast that isn’t loaded with preservatives and high calories? YES! What you want is Amy’s Bowls (Chili Mac, General Tso’s, and Thai Vegetable and Rice) or Amy’s Light and Lean Frozen Dinners (Quinoa & Black Beans with Butternut Squash & Chard, Sweet and Sour Asian Noodles, Spaghetti Italiano, Pasta & Veggies, and Spinach Lasagna) These are normally $6.75, but today and tomorrow (until 3:00 pm when we close) they are $5.75. You can save enough off of 4 to get the Macaroni and Cheese practically free! (You save $1 off four dinners/bowls and then only pay an extra $.50 for the Mac&Cheese…) Many of these meals are Gluten and Dairy Free which makes them a double treat!

Fresh Produce at Bee Healthy Thursday morning. The truck comes in sometime today…we’ll have more of the organic Brussels sprouts, Broccoli and Cauliflower, organic Green Kale and Rainbow Chard, organic Spinach (8 oz for $3.75), organic Bell Peppers 2 or 3 per pack, and organic Yams! More organic Bananas, organic Pink Lady apples, Avocados, organic Kiwi in 1# bags, organic Lemons, and Grapefruit. We continually stock Lloyd Craft Farms produce: organically raised potatoes, onions, celeriac, cabbage, and Daikon Radishes!

New this week: organic Italian Parsley and organic Jalapeno Peppers! (Poppers anyone??) We currently have a new stock of Greybull Valley Butterhead and Green Leaf Living lettuces, and 4 fresh Living Basil plants.

Always in Stock: We carry fresh ginger root and garlic! As well as fresh organic Dates and Dates rolled in Coconut, and several Energy Chunks from! Nuts give us lots of minerals and micronutrients….we have the Valued Naturals which are reasonably priced, some Peanuts in the Shell (marked down to $15/#), and other snacky natural and organic treats!

Stop in and stock up for New Year’s…football and family! Also a wide selection of antiviral and immune boosting supplements and foods.

Remember: you can call us at 347-2766, order, and we’ll deliver to the curb if you’d like to avoid any potential crowds in the store! Otherwise…stop in and shop the grocery and personal care items, snacks, teas, and supplements…essential oils and incense sticks…journals and cards rack. Other gift items. New shipment of Salt lamps and bath salts coming in from Aloha Bay next week! Great gift items for a friend or YOURSELF!

Thanks for the community support this Christmas. We were able to make a healthy payment on part of our start up debt! Happy New Year 2021!

The Farmer’s Wife AKA Terri
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