Bee Healthy OPEN until 5:00 on Saturday’s–

This is an update on Bee Healthy!

New produce went in Thursday–Organic Carrots for $1.75, more Cauliflower and Broccoli, Organic Celery, Organic Garnet Yams, Avocados and Organic Lemons, 1# bags of Organic Brussels Sprouts. Fresh Oranges and a new box of Organic Opal Apples (crisp and slightly tart). Limited Greens in stock: Greybull Valley Produce Lettuces, Organic Taylor Farms Baby Spinach (bought in bulk and bagged individually), Organic Kale and Organic Rainbow Chard. More of the Lloyd Craft Farms Potatoes, Onions, Celeriac, Daikon Radishes, and Cabbage. More of those local Farm Fresh eggs–$3.50/dozen.

25% off specific items as posted! Check out the Miso Master Miso…I stir in a spoonful in a cup of hot soup…miso as a fermented food has some amazing health properties! I’d love to clear the freezer of gluten free Donuts and Bagels to make room for new stuff! Super good deal on the Blue Corn Tortillas and Ezekiel Tortillas (no preservatives!). Earth Balance vegan ‘butter’ is a good price, too! With 25% off the Violife Shredded cheese making a vegan pizza is cheap and fun–make a Chicago style with sauerkraut! Love Basil Pesto? Try the Blue Moose or Bitchin’ Sauce (Blue Moose on sale for $4.49). Discontinuing the Organic Litehouse Dressings…shortage of cooler space…$4.00 each! Plant based, no egg, Sir Kensington Classic mayo for $6.59! All the Wildbrine Kimchi is $4.99–Japanese with horseradish, Mild with turmeric, and traditional Korean! And much more items marked down on the grocery shelves, meats in the freezer (some plant based burgers), and Kate’s Bars from Jackson in the Snack section. Sale prices will remain until Wednesday, December 16th!

Christmas items coming in dailyIncense and Essential oils, Personal Journals and gift cardsincluding our own local artist Denise Ferguson Pfoze’s Inner Doodle! Extended stock of bath salts, candles, and such from Aloha Bay, and a good supply of Salt Lamps! (We have ordered new bulbs for each purchase!) We also stock some fun jewelry items, including a limited number of wire-wrapped arrowheads (Wyoming made) that will be put on display Monday. Don’t forget about the Queen Bee Garden honey candies and candles! We also have a honey dispenser of 307 Honey from Bryant’s–bring your own container and fill it, or use the Honey Bear…we also have 3# or 5# Raw Honey in stock!

Come and check it all out! We have a good stock of supplements, teas, and MORE! Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Information next week on the Christmas Gift Baskets…waiting for the last items to arrive before we can price them!)

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