Saturday Sale–Other Items Available…

Yesterday I shared pictures and information on the refrigeration items for sale Saturday….Let me share pics of some of the freezer goodies! You would expect meat, and we’ve got it: Turkey Hot Dogs, Beef mini hot dogs, ground Lamb burger, and 4 fully cooked, nitrate free, pork Breakfast sausage patties…no antibiotics, from vegetarian fed pork. Also, some regular (but reasonably) priced Organic Burger and Sausage from Bar B Ranch in Montana. Making room for other meat products…

Seems we thought folks wanted frozen Gluten Free donuts, bagels, and crepes…but maybe folks just don’t know we have them? Well, we do! And frozen blue corn tortillas, Ezekiel sprouted grain tortillas, and coconut flour wraps. Whole Wheat pie crusts, to speed up your pie making, whether Banana Cream, pumpkin, or homemade Apple! Also, in the freezer section is Bread of Life Rice Almond bread…same maker as the great Ezekiel sprouted grain breads, buns, and muffins. (Almond flour is high priced, so it’s cut with rice flour…we’ve discounted it so you can give it a try…If you like it and it sets well with you, we can order a case that will keep in your freezer several months…with a good case discount the price might be right!)

Outside of the freezer and in the flour and grains shelves of the store, we have a good stock of gluten free products, as well as two ancient grains (Amaranth and Eikhorn–not discounted or pictured), slightly outdated granolas, Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal cups (just add hot water), gluten free cake mixes, and low sugar or stevia flavored baking chips.

On our grocery shelves are several other sale items that were in the store when we bought it: not local honey and some Bob’s Red Mill Date Sugar, Sunflower oil, Premium Coconut Oil, and Walden Farms Thick and Spicy BBQ sauce! Stubb’s meat rubs, Kelp Seasoning (excellent source of natural iodine–necessary for thyroid function), Organic Valley Ghee (clarified butter), and some Kettle and Fire Tomato Soup made from Chicken Bone Broth.

Look for items flagged by the green or yellow ‘exploding’ tags…most will be 20% off, except for the Premium Coconut Oil which is 50% off!

Saturday sale starts at 10:00 and lasts until 5:00 or later, depending on the Parade of Lights…stop in and check it out. If you would like to skip the visit but buy the items, give us a call Saturday 347-2766 and we’ll fill your order and you can pick it up after the Parade of Lights, or we can deliver to your door… as long as you live in Worland. 🙂

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