Helping You Get Ready for Thanksgiving!

Three days until the Turkey Day…the day we are thankful for our family and friends. I was able to wrangle 2 locally raised Turkeys from Powell–I’ve never seen them this fresh–they were slaughtered on Sunday and delivered on Sunday! They are 18# babies! These are sold…but what a great plan for next year!

But turkey aside, we have a couple of the fresh ORG Ocean Spray Cranberries left, some fresh sprigs of Rosemary for that bird’s stuffing, or some fresh Rosemary plants from Greybull Valley Produce. Lots of other grocery items, PLUS frozen breads (gluten-free or with clean ingredients for bread crumbs), quarts of Milked Oat and Milked Almond (lactose-free and carrageenan-freeI think coconut milk might be too sweet…), farm-fresh eggs, ORG Celery, Lloyd Craft Farms Ringmaster White onion, and Bone Broth to use in making that yummy stuffing for the bird. (I will share my Celery Stuffing recipe, too! Just ask…)

But the thing I am most excited about is the Homemade Pumpkin Pie...yours, not mine…I have fresh pumpkins that are easy to roast in the oven or steam and puree, a packet combining the four most popular pumpkin pie spices (use nearly 2 T for each pie), and to make the pie crust making job simpler: frozen Organic Whole Wheat Pie crusts (2 per pack! less than 5 ingredients!)…all this for less than $6.00 a pie…you’ll need to add eggs, sugar, and cream! (Organic Valley Half-n-half is my milk preference--)

Nothing equals a yummy homemade pumpkin pie from fresh pumpkin, high quality spices, and clean ingredients! Easy and well worth it–cook pumpkin the day before, puree the pumpkin, add the other ingredients, and bake. Secret is to let the pie bake until an inserted butter knife comes out clean, and then let it completely cool! (I make mine a day ahead so they have time to set up…Pumpkin is a type of custard and so good!)

Come and visit–Open until 3:00 on Thursday! The Farmer’s Wife

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