Happy Saturday at Bee Healthy! Open at 10:00

Greetings! The week has passed quickly. Truck came in yesterday and we are almost finished stocking the cooler with new drinks, filling Special Orders, and restocking the shelves and refrigerators with our great products.

We have a wide selection of vegan cheeses, and a packet of goat cheese, too. Lots of Hummus and potato and tortilla chips made with healthy oils and unrefined salts, and cheese crackers, too. Good snackies, high end nutritious chocolates, and the Queen Bee candies from Lovell. (Bryant and 307 Honey, too!) Good line of grocery items, flours and gluten-free alternatives. Freezer section with some frozen meals, ice cream and rice cream, Strawberry and Green Tea Mocchi, and wonderful Bonafide Bone Broth with two frozen soup choices. And fresh veggies from Lloyd Craft Farms and Spokane Produce including avocadoes and Organic fresh Ocean Spray Cranberries.

Lloyd Craft Farms has put together 5 Special Boxes with their veggies from storage and a bag of the Ocean Spray organic Cranberries, just in time for Thanksgiving: Green Cabbage, 3# Yukon Potatoes, Colossal White Onion, 2# Carrots with Character (great for soups, broths, and grated into your salad), Butternut Squash, Celeriac, Daikon Radishes (great in stir fry or raw for the mild radish lovers)…All for $25, which is less than if you bought them individually!

Text 431-1219 to reserve, or stop by the store before the closing at 3:00. Great produce, full flavor, organically raised! Available until gone, or Wednesday, November 18th, whichever comes first– 🙂

Come and visit! We are wrapping up the Collagen and Bone Broth week and will be focusing on gut health and the immune system next week. We’ve got some great products to share to help with your gut! Help your gut and help your body! Healthy gut is a healthy immune system, too!–

The Farmer’s Wife

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