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Good Morning everyone! I hope you have been following this week’s posts on the value of collagen, whether from protein powders or bone broth products. Bee Healthy has several great and reasonably priced goodies, whether in the supplements section or the grocery section and freezers! (Thursday’s post from Mommapotamus lists the benefits!)

Ancient Nutrition Multi-Collagen Protein powder for your coffee, tea, or hot chicory morning drink.

Jarrow’s Golden Tea infused with Turmeric and Jarrow’s Beyond Bone Broth powder for supplementation AND cooking, with Jarrow’s patented Silicon Activation for building calcium, and made yummy with dried vegetable powders.

Bonafide Bone Broths in the freezer section (18-20 hours of cooking time–Frontier Blend is beef, turkey, lamb, and bison bone broth), and tasty Tomato Basil and Broccoli Cheese frozen soup pouches using bone broth bases.

Miso Broth for the vegans; as well as White Miso in the cooler, and Red Miso coming in Friday. Miso is a fermented food, too…more on that next week…

Epic (Chicken) Bone Broth in a jar, marked down from $7.98 to $3.50, pint size, clearance!

Lloyd Craft Farms Bone Broth Kits (minus the bones): garden grown organically right here in the Big Horn Basin celeriac and parsley, onion and carrots, dried thyme and rosemary from the herb bed in the gothic high tunnel, and purchased garlic and 1/2 teaspoon of peppercorns, PLUS directions and information on how to cook this down in your Instant Pot for 2 hours instead of 18-20 on the stovetop! Very affordable at $15— Reserve yours at 431-1219 and pick up Friday or Saturday at Bee Healthy. (*We can help track down bones if you don’t have any! My original plan was to include them from our Big Trails Beef, but not ready yet…)

And this locally grown broth package leads us to other wonderful locally grown products at Bee Healthy beside Lloyd Craft Farms:

Local soap makers: Jen’s Crazy Goats, Beth’s Three Wolf Trading, and Alanna’s Happy Camper from Ten Sleep

Bryant and 307 Honey...3# and 5# raw, heated and strained from the dispenser into your own container or a sweet little honey bear, and Beeswax bricks!

-Lovell’s Queen Bee Honey candies and chocolates, candles, honey sticks, and Pollen.

Amish Origins for your aches and pains….Worland MADE, previously known as Unkers!

Kate’s Protein bars and snacks from Jackson.

-Local, Farm Fresh Eggs from Alison, Erica, Connie, and the sweet young White brothers. Bobbie Jo is on board with Duck eggs for those interested!! Buy one for $3.50 or 2 for $3.15 each. This week only– More fresh eggs coming in this week, and restocking on Monday!

Savage Cabbage Sauerkraut from Sheridan (made with Lloyd Craft Farms green and red cabbage!) Only kraut in glass jars! Cost is $2.00 higher than the plastic bagged, but well worth it–

Wire wrapped arrowheads and black stones being prepared for holiday sales. I think these come from the Burlington area…

Sunshine&Grace Botanicals from Shealynn August.

Art by Jr Bower–hanging on the wall and changing constantly!

-High end Pottery from Pam Greek–and some smaller hand mugs for around $20.

-Cards from MIDI Studio, Denise and her inner doodle!

-A Home spun novel from Kurt Steinke (Kurt’s Karate fame)…so talented!

Oh my, If I have left out some of our great local producers, shoot me a text! Have a great day! Stop in and visit. Special Orders will be in Friday, and we’ll get them ready for Pick Up in the afternoon or Saturday. Remember: Be healthy to be happy! Thanks! The Farmer’s Wife

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  1. Posted by Gene and Kris Robertson on November 12, 2020 at 5:01 pm

    I would love a kit. Can I pick up after 3:30 today at the Bee! I have bones.

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