Update! On ALL FRONTS–

We here at Lloyd Craft Farms are catching our breath…for the first time in 6 MONTHS! What a season on all fronts–!

**First, thanks to all those who supported the garden this year–We appreciate you and the garden loves you! It is all but cleaned up, ready for the spring when we take up the old beds, till, and put out the new beds and plants and seeds. Watch for a post on the opening of the CSA in March 2021.

**Second, if you didn’t know, we are now the proud owners of Bee Healthy! We ask for your support on this community endeavor, too! I will be posting information on health, healthy items, and other goodies that we handle at Bee Healthy. Right now–I’m overstocked on Farm Fresh Eggs, all locally sourced! $3.50 a dozen, but now $3.15 each if you buy 2! Stop in and visit– 🙂

**Third, Buyer’s Group will start up the second week in January 2021. That’s where we sign folks up for 2 Special Boxes of fruits and veggies a month, and stock additional groceries to augment your Special Box. (We have to build a cooler in the back of Bee Healthy to make it work downtown instead of at The Farm.) Watch for our post the end of December! No money down, just a commitment to be a part– Good, predominantly organic, fresh foods! In one day and out the next!

Happy Monday! The Farmer’s Wife

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