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Helping You Get Ready for Thanksgiving!

Three days until the Turkey Day…the day we are thankful for our family and friends. I was able to wrangle 2 locally raised Turkeys from Powell–I’ve never seen them this fresh–they were slaughtered on Sunday and delivered on Sunday! They are 18# babies! These are sold…but what a great plan for next year!

But turkey aside, we have a couple of the fresh ORG Ocean Spray Cranberries left, some fresh sprigs of Rosemary for that bird’s stuffing, or some fresh Rosemary plants from Greybull Valley Produce. Lots of other grocery items, PLUS frozen breads (gluten-free or with clean ingredients for bread crumbs), quarts of Milked Oat and Milked Almond (lactose-free and carrageenan-freeI think coconut milk might be too sweet…), farm-fresh eggs, ORG Celery, Lloyd Craft Farms Ringmaster White onion, and Bone Broth to use in making that yummy stuffing for the bird. (I will share my Celery Stuffing recipe, too! Just ask…)

But the thing I am most excited about is the Homemade Pumpkin Pie...yours, not mine…I have fresh pumpkins that are easy to roast in the oven or steam and puree, a packet combining the four most popular pumpkin pie spices (use nearly 2 T for each pie), and to make the pie crust making job simpler: frozen Organic Whole Wheat Pie crusts (2 per pack! less than 5 ingredients!)…all this for less than $6.00 a pie…you’ll need to add eggs, sugar, and cream! (Organic Valley Half-n-half is my milk preference--)

Nothing equals a yummy homemade pumpkin pie from fresh pumpkin, high quality spices, and clean ingredients! Easy and well worth it–cook pumpkin the day before, puree the pumpkin, add the other ingredients, and bake. Secret is to let the pie bake until an inserted butter knife comes out clean, and then let it completely cool! (I make mine a day ahead so they have time to set up…Pumpkin is a type of custard and so good!)

Come and visit–Open until 3:00 on Thursday! The Farmer’s Wife

Bee Healthy to Be Healthy!

Greetings! What a crazy week we all have had here in Washakie County! Well, just a note to let you know, we are open and ready to serve you healthy things to build or maintain your healthy immune system. After all, what is life without our health! And by the way, we will be open Thursday until 3:00 for your last minute needs…

We have a plethora of Bone Broth products, those I shared earlier, and more! Bone Broth is the basis of many of our soups (canned, frozen, and packaged), not flavored water or packets enhanced with glutamates or other types of flavorings with little nutritional value. Want the real thing? I have one Bone Broth Kit left (minus the bones…but we can get those for you, too!) Bone has the collagen and micronutrients that the vegetable broth may lack, but the vegetable broth is loaded with nutrients, too, from the fresh carrots, parsley, celeriac, onions & garlic, and the long slow cooking process or the intense, sustained heat of the Instant Pot.

Last week I wanted to share more information on the gut friendly products we have: Sauerkrauts (including Savage Cabbage which is locally made in Sheridan from Lloyd Craft Farms cabbage), Kimchi from Wildbrine (fermented napa cabbage and other veggies- Korean and Japanese and one with Turmeric), three kinds of Miso and a Miso broth, too (Miso has some unbelievable curative properties), Probiotic rich and healthy LIVING drinks (Health-Ade Kombucha, Synergy, Bare Culture, Suja, and even pre-biotics, too), Probiotic shots from Inner-Eco called You Gut This, and the high concentrations of Lactobaccillus and Bifidopholus in the supplements from Nature’s Sunshine and American Health. Healthy gut = healthy immune system.

We also have stocked up on Zinc, Elderberry, Vit D, and other immune building or nurturing natural products! The powders have been expanded and I brought in some encapsulators so you can make your own! Try Ashwaganda, Turmeric, Maca, and Red Beet Powder for helps in balancing your systems and fighting inflammation, as well as helping your immunity.

Lots of EGGS–as long as the chickens are producing we are selling their eggs for $3.50/dozen or $3.15/dozen for 2 or more!

Last Friday we restocked the fruits and veggies: Avocados, ORG Yams, ORG Honeycrisp Apples, ORG Celery, and still a good supply of Greybull Valley Living Lettuces! One bundle of ORG Kale and 3 bundles of ORG Swiss Chard. Lloyd Craft Farms veggies stocked are Celeriac (the winter celery–use for that strong celery flavor in soups, dressings, or grated on your salad), Daikon Radishes, Cabbages, Potatoes, Onions, and Winter Squash.

I ALSO HAVE THREE SPECIAL BOXES LEFT: These are all Lloyd Craft Farms goodies at a reduced price since they are ‘bundled’…Cabbage, Potatoes, Onions, Celeriac, Daikon Radishes, Carrots, Butternut squash, and a package of Fresh Cranberries for $25.

We still have pumpkins for Homemade Pumpkin Pies! (Recipe and working on a seasoning packet– Frozen Whole Wheat crusts, too!)

We are working on the inventory Monday and Tuesday and I’ll be listing some items we are reducing cost to make space for new stuff! Watch for that information tomorrow–

Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife

Sauerkraut GALORE!…and more eggs!

I sold down the egg stock last week, but then Monday we started getting our Farm Fresh gems in again! Seems everyone’s hens are busy laying. Special price: $3.50/dozen or $3.15/dozen for two or more. (Alison’s eggs are three different colors, Connie’s are fed lots of oversized zucchini that stores fairly well, Erica’s are in mostly pink cartons and fed organic feed, and Lawrence and Oliver are just plain cute!) Help me move these local eggs!

Do we have SAUERKRAUT! Yes we do: Farmhouse Culture’s Crunchy Sauerkraut, new Savage Cabbage made over the mountain in Sheridan with cabbage raised by Lloyd Craft Farms (how cool is that!and in glass jars instead of plastic), and 5 varieties of fermented wonders from Wildbrine (Garlic and Dill, Red Beet and Cabbage, Japanese Kimchi, Mild Kimche with Turmeric (a great anti-inflammatory), and Korean Kimche.

All krauts are raw (not heated or canned), wild fermented (allowed to do it like Mother Nature does and not forced through a speeded up process), do not have preservatives, and are loaded with probiotics! (I sold the last quart of Savage Cabbage today…but we are picking up another case on the trip to Sheridan Thursday!)

With all this variety, I’m sure we’ll have a kraut that even a timid kraut eater can enjoy! A tablespoon a day is sufficient for your gut biome, or make grilled sandwiches, such as Reubens! We don’t have the Dark Rye bread, but we have Dark Rye flour to make your own. We have some small packets of Swiss cheese from a 2 ingredient brand, and dairy-free cheese slices in cheddar and pepper jack (a true Reuben is Pastrami, Swiss, and cheddar with sauerkraut, on a light or dark rye…some folks make a grilled sandwich with corned beef…Ham and Swiss is good too!). We have some great, full bodied frozen breads: Ezekial 4:9, and …).

And, oh yeah, for those that want some sauerkraut in the pantry for a spur of the moment inspiration, we have several pints of Kruggermann Berlin Style Sauerkraut on our grocery shelves…not as active as refrigerated, but still a great choice for sandwiches, or other sauerkraut and meat recipes!

Come down and check them out! Great for the gut, wonderful in building a healthy immune system…true comfort food, a German treat! The Farmer’s mom made Heva Glace with country style pork ribs, sauerkraut, and topped with large dumplings called glace…a family tradition for us!

Gut Health and the Immune System…

Remember when the immune system was thought to be the lymph glands and the little white fighters in our blood? Now, in the 21st century we know better! The all important digestive system is integral in the operation of the immune system. Dr. Brownstein says, “There is no doubt that we are only as healthy as our bacterial flora.”

Inside your gut lies a network of 100 million nerve cells, and billions of beneficial bacteria and fungus…commonly known as the fauna and flora. I even read recently of an ‘endangered’ virus that is capable of eating cancer in the colon. Hmmm…think about that!

Here at Bee Healthy, we are all about being healthy! Probiotics and prebiotics (to feed the probiotics) are important in building a healthy biome, or rebuilding one damaged by pesticides, herbicides, and antibiotics. Environmental toxins, internal and external, are hidden threats to our health. The best practice is good clean food, but that is not always possible, so gird your health through intentional food and drink choices…

We took steps this week to stock extra Sauerkraut, and restock the Nature Sunshine Probiotic Eleven and other probiotic supplements. We have a daily shot drink by Inner-Eco called You Gut This! And the super Suja Organic probiotic juice sweetened with stevia. We have a cooler-ful of probiotic and prebiotic drinks: GT Synergy, Rebbl prebiotics and Ashwaganda Spicy Chai, Revive Coffee Kombucha, Health-Ade Kombucha in Mint Limeade and Original, Hibiscus Lavender Bare Culture, and Rowdy MermaidDon’t you love the crazy names!

Other gut beneficial products are Miso and raw apple cider vinegars, including Fire Shot. There is more than one type of vinegar….we have Balsamic, and other amino acids from Braggs…Coconut aminos are one of the tastiest and chock-full of MCT which helps the gut balance between the bacteria and fungus.

I’ll share more tomorrow…but for now: here is a collage of our probiotic drinks!

Happy Saturday at Bee Healthy! Open at 10:00

Greetings! The week has passed quickly. Truck came in yesterday and we are almost finished stocking the cooler with new drinks, filling Special Orders, and restocking the shelves and refrigerators with our great products.

We have a wide selection of vegan cheeses, and a packet of goat cheese, too. Lots of Hummus and potato and tortilla chips made with healthy oils and unrefined salts, and cheese crackers, too. Good snackies, high end nutritious chocolates, and the Queen Bee candies from Lovell. (Bryant and 307 Honey, too!) Good line of grocery items, flours and gluten-free alternatives. Freezer section with some frozen meals, ice cream and rice cream, Strawberry and Green Tea Mocchi, and wonderful Bonafide Bone Broth with two frozen soup choices. And fresh veggies from Lloyd Craft Farms and Spokane Produce including avocadoes and Organic fresh Ocean Spray Cranberries.

Lloyd Craft Farms has put together 5 Special Boxes with their veggies from storage and a bag of the Ocean Spray organic Cranberries, just in time for Thanksgiving: Green Cabbage, 3# Yukon Potatoes, Colossal White Onion, 2# Carrots with Character (great for soups, broths, and grated into your salad), Butternut Squash, Celeriac, Daikon Radishes (great in stir fry or raw for the mild radish lovers)…All for $25, which is less than if you bought them individually!

Text 431-1219 to reserve, or stop by the store before the closing at 3:00. Great produce, full flavor, organically raised! Available until gone, or Wednesday, November 18th, whichever comes first– 🙂

Come and visit! We are wrapping up the Collagen and Bone Broth week and will be focusing on gut health and the immune system next week. We’ve got some great products to share to help with your gut! Help your gut and help your body! Healthy gut is a healthy immune system, too!–

The Farmer’s Wife

Friday the 13th! But Not a Spooky Day–

So, here’s the Good Deals for this week:

Epic Bone Broth (Chicken and Savory)–usually $7.98, but on clearance for $3.50. Can be used for soup, or drunk as a hot drink…maybe add a scoop of collagen??

Eggs–all Farm Fresh and raised locally. Why a farm fresh egg? Yolk is darker and firmer, and fresher! Hens are allowed to roam and eat worms, and bugs, and in the summer fresh grass and seeds. This increases the nutritional value compared to conventionally raised eggs. Our eggs come from Connie, Erica, Alison, Bobbie Jo, and the White brothers. $3.50 a dozen, or $3.15 for two or more. (Regular price is $3.75…)

New Veggies from Lloyd Craft Farms…no peppers, no tomatoes, but lots of organically raised Potatoes (Huckleberry Gold, Yukon, Reds, and two kinds of fingerlings), Onions (Sierra Blanca White, Storage Yellow, and Redwing), Winter Squash (Honey Bear and TipTop acorn squash, Spaghetti, Butternut, Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato Squash, and Green Kabocha), Cabbage (Purple and Green), Celeriac, Daikon Radishes, Carrots with Character, and the last of the Cauliflower Mix. Bone Broth Kit to make your own: $15–garlic and onion, carrots, celeriac and parsley, and other herbs, with Recipe and DYI information for making it in an Instant Pot.

New this Friday, the 13th! Organic Produce from Spokane: Celery, Green Kale, Rainbow Chard, Baby Spinach from Taylor Farms, and Garnet Sweet Potatoes (many know them as Yams). Living Lettuces from Greybull Valley Produce, and for the upcoming Thanksgiving…Organic Ocean Spray fresh Cranberries! also stocking Fresh Index Avocados–$1.50 each.

Two days left in this week: Friday (M-F, 10 am to 5:30 pm) and Saturday (10 am to 3:00 pm). Come and visit…this wraps up Collagen Week, stay tuned for next week: The Amazing Immune System and Our Gut!

The Farmer’s Wife

Collagen and Local Foods and Stuff at Bee Healthy…

Good Morning everyone! I hope you have been following this week’s posts on the value of collagen, whether from protein powders or bone broth products. Bee Healthy has several great and reasonably priced goodies, whether in the supplements section or the grocery section and freezers! (Thursday’s post from Mommapotamus lists the benefits!)

Ancient Nutrition Multi-Collagen Protein powder for your coffee, tea, or hot chicory morning drink.

Jarrow’s Golden Tea infused with Turmeric and Jarrow’s Beyond Bone Broth powder for supplementation AND cooking, with Jarrow’s patented Silicon Activation for building calcium, and made yummy with dried vegetable powders.

Bonafide Bone Broths in the freezer section (18-20 hours of cooking time–Frontier Blend is beef, turkey, lamb, and bison bone broth), and tasty Tomato Basil and Broccoli Cheese frozen soup pouches using bone broth bases.

Miso Broth for the vegans; as well as White Miso in the cooler, and Red Miso coming in Friday. Miso is a fermented food, too…more on that next week…

Epic (Chicken) Bone Broth in a jar, marked down from $7.98 to $3.50, pint size, clearance!

Lloyd Craft Farms Bone Broth Kits (minus the bones): garden grown organically right here in the Big Horn Basin celeriac and parsley, onion and carrots, dried thyme and rosemary from the herb bed in the gothic high tunnel, and purchased garlic and 1/2 teaspoon of peppercorns, PLUS directions and information on how to cook this down in your Instant Pot for 2 hours instead of 18-20 on the stovetop! Very affordable at $15— Reserve yours at 431-1219 and pick up Friday or Saturday at Bee Healthy. (*We can help track down bones if you don’t have any! My original plan was to include them from our Big Trails Beef, but not ready yet…)

And this locally grown broth package leads us to other wonderful locally grown products at Bee Healthy beside Lloyd Craft Farms:

Local soap makers: Jen’s Crazy Goats, Beth’s Three Wolf Trading, and Alanna’s Happy Camper from Ten Sleep

Bryant and 307 Honey...3# and 5# raw, heated and strained from the dispenser into your own container or a sweet little honey bear, and Beeswax bricks!

-Lovell’s Queen Bee Honey candies and chocolates, candles, honey sticks, and Pollen.

Amish Origins for your aches and pains….Worland MADE, previously known as Unkers!

Kate’s Protein bars and snacks from Jackson.

-Local, Farm Fresh Eggs from Alison, Erica, Connie, and the sweet young White brothers. Bobbie Jo is on board with Duck eggs for those interested!! Buy one for $3.50 or 2 for $3.15 each. This week only– More fresh eggs coming in this week, and restocking on Monday!

Savage Cabbage Sauerkraut from Sheridan (made with Lloyd Craft Farms green and red cabbage!) Only kraut in glass jars! Cost is $2.00 higher than the plastic bagged, but well worth it–

Wire wrapped arrowheads and black stones being prepared for holiday sales. I think these come from the Burlington area…

Sunshine&Grace Botanicals from Shealynn August.

Art by Jr Bower–hanging on the wall and changing constantly!

-High end Pottery from Pam Greek–and some smaller hand mugs for around $20.

-Cards from MIDI Studio, Denise and her inner doodle!

-A Home spun novel from Kurt Steinke (Kurt’s Karate fame)…so talented!

Oh my, If I have left out some of our great local producers, shoot me a text! Have a great day! Stop in and visit. Special Orders will be in Friday, and we’ll get them ready for Pick Up in the afternoon or Saturday. Remember: Be healthy to be happy! Thanks! The Farmer’s Wife

The Benefits of Homemade Bone Broth…Made Simple with an Instant Pot!

Instant Pot Lux 8QT 6-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker

Mommypotamus says: 

“This Instant Pot bone broth recipe is so much easier than babysitting a pot on the stove top for 12+ hours, and it’s the perfect way to make use of bones from a leftover roast chicken. Of course, you can also use beef marrow bones, lamb bones or pork bones.”

“Before we dive into the recipe, though, let’s talk about why it’s totally worth it to make homemade bone broth . . .”

Benefits of Bone Broth

Bone Broth contains:

  • Nutrients that keep you moving, pain-free: Specifically, I’m talking about glucosamine and chondroitin, which support joint function. (You can often find expensive supplements featuring these two nutrients at health food stores) (1)
  • Anti-aging components: Gelatin supports healthy digestion and strengthens hair, skin and nails. It also nourishes connective tissues with compounds including hyaluronic acid, which help to prevent premature skin sagging and cellulite. Broth also contains the amino acid proline, which is necessary for the production of collagen.
  • Detoxification support: Another amino acid found in bone broth is glycine, which helps with liver detoxification. Glycine is also essential for the production of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent premature aging
  • Minerals: When simmered, the veggie scraps in bone broth release a wide variety of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, manganese, iron, phosphorous, potassium, selenium, zinc and copper.

Mommypotamus says it best! The rest of her article tells how to cook down different types of bones, the specific ingredients to use for each, and instructions on using the Instant Pot.

To make the vegetable selection easier Lloyd Craft Farms has assembled 10 Bone Broth Kits (minus the bones). Each kit contains directions, celeriac (celery root) and fresh parsley which replaces celery in the recipe and gives it awesome flavor and more nutrients, 1# carrots, garlic bulb, onion, dried rosemary and thyme, and peppercorns. Cost is $15.

**The only items you’ll need to add are a chicken carcus or chicken bones left over from a meal (or other bones), 1 teaspoon of unrefined salt (Himalayan Pink, Real Salt, or Celtic Sea Salt), water (suggest non-chlorinated), and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (Bragg’s is perfect!). Bee Healthy can help!

Why Lloyd Craft Farms veggies? They are fresh and locally grown using organic principles, which we think is better for you. Broth can be used in so many meals–Mommapotamus lists that, too! Text 431-1219 to reserve your kit, pick it up Thursday or Friday at Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave. Only 10 kits are available at this time!

Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife

More on Bone Broth and Collagen and Food and Supplements…Bee Healthy

Whew! Yesterday I shared our new Ancient Nutrition Multi-Collagen Protein powder we sell for around $40 (1# with scoop). Today I’m sharing some of the other products we have in stock, including one ON SALE!

Top left is the Ancient Nutrition Collagen Powder with Type I, II, III, V, & X;

Bottom middle is Jarrow’s Beyond Bone Broth, a variation of a Bone Broth drink powder with Type I & II collagen, plus Jarrow’s patented JarroSil, an activated silicon which is considered an essential partner of calcium for the bones, glucosamine for joints, and antioxidants for healthier arteries and cardiovascular functions. This product is more than just bone broth…it includes carrots, celery, onion, parsley, black pepper, and garlic to up it’s nutritional value…as well as MCT from palm oil. This is a super supplement!

Top row is Bonafide, our new line of frozen broths. These all look exciting to me! They are all organic, three from chicken broth: Chicken Bone Broth, and two soup varieties called Broccoli Cheddar and Tomato Basil. And one broth, The Frontier Blend Bone Broth, from beef, turkey, lamb, and bison bones! All Bonafide frozen broths are cooked for 18-20 hours, to assure all the bone marrow and nutrients are extracted from the bone into the liquid. The Frontier Blend also includes herbs: Rosemary and Thyme….hmmmmmm, makes my mouth water!

Bottom right is Imagine Miso Broth, for our Vegan friends! Quick snack or meal – add tofu, scallions or other onions, and seaweed for full flavor…or maybe skip the seaweed. :\ It’s gluten-free and non-dairy!

Bottom left is Epic Bone Broth, in a jar! Ready to heat, and eat–this is a little smaller than a pint. Homestyle savory broth is made from chicken bones. On sale for $5.50, nearly 40% off! We can order these, as well as the Epic Beef Bone Broth, in the case size and save some money, but not with the Sale Price this week – for the future!

Tomorrow I’ll share with you an idea from Lloyd Craft Farms: Make your own bone broth in an Instant Pot…Beef Bones included! Recipe and ingredients from The Farm, and a reduced price when you buy them all together!

Stay tuned–The Farmer’s Wife

Bee Healthy– Farm Fresh Eggs and Protein Peptides…

A couple of winters ago The Farmer and I decided we had a need to supplement with Collagen. A large percent of our bodies are made up of collagen…hair, bones and joints, fingernails, connective tissue…and you hear the old line, “As we age…”

At that time I researched collagens…everyone and their brother had their own kind available! I settled on Ancient Nutrition Multi-Collagen Protein.

Why Ancient Nutrition? First, I respect the founders of the company: Dr. Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin (Garden of Life founder). Second, it has 5 types of food sourced collagen from Bovine hide collagen peptides, Eggshell membrane collagen, Fish collagen peptides, and Chicken Bone Broth protein. It easily dissolves in coffee or any other hot drink, or even cold drinks. You can also add it to your soups or other foods.

This week I got my first shipment into Bee Healthy! I went with the 1# container–if you are just starting you want to load with 2 scoops a day for at least the first 10 days. We added this to our diet, as well as home-made Bone Broth, Farm Fresh Eggs, and pasture raised Beef…noticed a difference!

I’m overstocked on eggs this week: $3.50/dozen or $3.15 each for two dozen or more…

Come and see us! Lots of plant based supplements, fresh potatoes and onions and other produce from Lloyd Craft Farms, cleaner personal care items, and good snackies, too. Full rack of gluten-free items, grains and flour alternatives…Xing Tea and GT Dave’s kombucha in the cooler, and Mocchi in the freezer…and much more. We finally got our stock up and now need to move it to prepare for the holidays!

Tomorrow, I’ll let you know about the veggies and herbs from Lloyd Craft Farms that we have so you can make your own Bone Broth! Instant pot is the easiest way…2 hours during the night…and then cool and store in the fridge. We should have some bones, too! You can drink a hot cup a day, or use it for cooking: sauces, gravy, soups and stews…Our ‘kit’ has celery root, carrots, onion, and a lot of parsley…also including some other dried herbs...and fresh beef bones!

The Farmer’s Wife