PUMPKINS Galore–and Veggies, too…Bee Healthy

We have Pumpkins at Bee Healthy! $3.99 each, no matter the size. Also the Sugar Pie Pumpkins…and a new stock of veggies: Broccoli, Broccolini (Galion X now instead of the BC1611–little sweeter and more succulent leaves), Cauliflower Mix, Pounds of Peppers: Green Bells from the High Tunnel, and 2 Pounds of Jalapenos for poppers! A few more Antohi’s too, and the very last of the Shishitos.

Come on down and get your fresh veggies–lots of Potatoes, both regular and fingerlings, and 3 kinds of Onions! Also Pomegranates–$3.00 each, and Organic Ocean Spray Cranberries–$4.00 for 8oz. Tail-end of the Roma Tomatoes, lots of Winter Squash, Carrots with Character (2# bag–$1.75), Daikon Radishes, and the last of the Red Beets.

Now stocking Greybull Valley ProduceButterhead Lettuce and Green Leaf...all living with the root that keeps them a little fresher, longer.

We restock the coolers every Friday, and will leave them at Bee Healthy during the week for November and December.

Next week we will be selling a Veggie Broth Kit: Celeriac, Onions, Carrots, Garlic, Herbs and Parsley, and instructions on how to make your own Vegetable Broth OR Bone Broth.

Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife

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