Veggies @ Bee Healthy…And Pumpkins, too!

It is official–WINTER IS HERE! We will continue stocking our veggies at Bee Healthy and freshing them up and bringing in new items Friday’s— This week we have Lettuces from Greybull Valley Produce, and Snack Peppers, Shishito Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers from Lloyd Craft Farms. Red and Green Cabbage, Broccolini, Carrots with Character, Daikon Radishes, Celeriac, Onions, Organic Sweet Potatoes from Montana, Roma Tomatoes, lots of types of Winter Squash and PUMPKINS to carve and COOK! (6 DAYS until October 31st!)

Peppers are nearly gone…this will be the last week for the Snack, Shishito peppers, and Antohi Frying Peppers. Get them while you can! We have a couple of tubs full of Poblano, Paprika, Pueblo Roasting, and Jalapeno HOT Peppers here at The Farm. Jalapeno are the only ones stocked at Bee Healthy this week, but you can get the others in 5# bags by texting me 431-1219…cost is $11.25. This afternoon I’ll have 2# bags of Jalapenos for making those wonderful poppers…$5.50. Currently we have several of the Jalapeno third# packs for $1.75.

Other items stocked at Bee Healthy are the organically raised Potatoes: Huckleberry Gold and Yukon Gem potatoes, and a couple of 2# bags of French Fingerlings.

Why organically raised potatoes? To avoid the dessicant used to dry down the plants commercially, or any fungicide/pesticides which are routinely sprayed to control pests and dirt bugs. Organically raised potatoes taste better, in my opinion and that of some of our commercial buyers. 🙂

This week we have only Highlander Yellow Onions stocked, but next week with more space we’ll stock Redwing, Sierra Blanca WHITE, and Candy Sweet.

Coming soon, a Broth Bag with fresh Parsley (harvested yesterday from the high tunnel), Celery root, Carrots, Onions, recipes and directions…for either a Meat Broth or Veggie Broth… You’ll be able to buy these ingredients all together and make your own healthy broth. I cook mine in the Instant Pot and store it in the fridge to use for soups and sauces during the winter months. Hope to have this in the store by Friday, our official RESTOCK DAY!

***Well, out to the Shelter to bag potatoes and gather up some orders to head to Cody and Casper tomorrow…Be Healthy, eat your veggies, stay warm and active, and feed your immune system! The Farmer’s Wife***

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