Pumpkins! and Other Produce @ Bee Healthy!

One week to pumpkin carving time! Bee Healthy has some beautiful pumpkins for $3.99 each…Sizes are 10# to 12#, perfect for carving or etching your favorite picture on them! (Bee Healthy is planning hot apple cider and kid’s treats on Saturday, 10:00 to 3:00.)

Also at Bee Healthy are the Lloyd Craft Farms Veggiesand Greybull Valley Butterhead and Green Leaf lettuces. Veggies currently stocked are Snack Peppers and Shishito’s (both sweet and NOT HOT), Jalapeno packets of third pound (HOT, but not real hot), and Antohi Romanian Frying Peppers (cooking unlocks the pepper flavor). Broccolini and Broccoli florets (we also had 4 nice size broccoli crowns Friday…they are gone!), Purple Cauliflowercoming soon Romanesco and the last of the white and purple cauliflower…and more Broccoli crowns, heads, and florets.

CABBAGES: Red, Green, and flat heads of January King and Brunswick! (Cabbage Burgers, Cabbage Rolls, Cabbage and Kielabasa, Google for more ideas!)

Root Crops: Daikon Radishes, Carrots with Character, and Red Beets. Long term storage items: Huckleberry Gold potatoes (Yukon), Yukon Gems, and French Fingerlings. (Coming soon– Red Potatoes and Russetts, purple fingerlings!)

Yellow Storage Onions this week. Other onions dried down are Sierra Blanca white, Candy yellow sweet, Cipollini’s (saucer shaped Italian), and Redwing.

We have Celeriac, a great winter ‘celery’ with concentrated celery taste and smell, great in soups and grated on your winter salad! (This will store far into the winter, whereas celery is good for about 2 weeks after harvest.)

Stay tuned as we decide what we can do this fall with Special Fall Boxes. They will be posted for sale through this site and our Facebook page. Usually we post on Monday and take reservations until Tuesday, then fill them Thursday for pick up at Bee Healthy on Friday.

Hope you all enjoyed the veggies this year through the CSA! Thank you for your support! Consider planning ahead for next year!

BTW–Our winter Buyer’s Group will start up in January….after we build the cooler at the back of Bee Healthy to hold all the wonderful, organic produce from our storage and Spokane Produce! thanks, The Farmer’s Wife

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