Report From the Farm– Week 10

Yes, 10 weeks have passed since the start of the harvest of the garden in July. Hard to imagine! Basically we are down to the home stretch with 5 more weeks in October– The tension between the needs of the garden and the distribution of the garden goods will only intensify as we spend the waking hours picking or digging, storing, and distributing to members and commercial customers!

Still in the garden is the last planting of the corn (which did not succumb to the September 8th frost), an abundance of tomatoes (The Farmer will continue to harvest and I will keep filling orders), Broccoli and Broccolini (which will continue even past the frosts or light freezes), both Red and Green Cabbage (watching the size of the heads to harvest them before they are 8-10 pounds!), Brussels Sprouts (one of the last things removed from the garden), Peppers of all stripes and patterns (we will work on harvesting them out this week), potatoes and root crops (carrots, red beets, Daikon radishes), and our fabulous celery (half harvested), and celeriac (can be harvested and stored for the winter).

We will focus this weekend on harvesting the remaining winter squash, Sugar Pie Pumpkins, onions, and pumpkins.

CHECK OUT OUR PUMPKINS AT BLAIRS! (Each CSA Member, including Special Box program participants will get a pumpkin, too!)

If you are interested in a day in the sun harvesting and hauling pumpkins let us know! Saturday is the planned day! Text 431-1219–

The Farmer’s Wife

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