FRIDAY AND SATURDAY– Veggies and Melons at Bee Healthy…

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Bee Healthy opens at 10:00 am on Friday and Saturday. We will have a good cross-section of garden veggies from Lloyd Craft Farms in the cooler, as well as WATERMELONS and CANTALOUPE…Bee Healthy closes Saturday at 3:00 pm. WATERMELONS remain in the store for sale during the week until they are gone! We also have Organic Blueberries for $4.75 a pint, and lots of the fresh locally raised lettuces from Greybull Valley Produce!

Out at The Farm we have some Riverton Raspberries in our cooler: $32.25 for a full flat, $17.00 for a half-flat. TEXT me 431-1219. (only 4 available!)

Also, in the cooler are 2 cases of Gala Apples ($39 each–33#), and 1 case of Peaches ($42 each–36#). I also have 3 8# containers of frozen Pie Cherries (no Sugar) for $22. TEXT me 431-1219.

Shop Bee Healthy for fresh veggies and wonderful vine-ripened melons, organically raised and reasonably priced, local lettuces, and all your other healthy needs! Shop our cooler at The Farm for wonderful Riverton Raspberries, and Utah Apples, Pie Cherries, and Peaches.

Keeping eating good complete foods, invest in your health through your food! Enjoy The Farmer’s Wife

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