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FRIDAY AND SATURDAY– Veggies and Melons at Bee Healthy…

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Bee Healthy opens at 10:00 am on Friday and Saturday. We will have a good cross-section of garden veggies from Lloyd Craft Farms in the cooler, as well as WATERMELONS and CANTALOUPE…Bee Healthy closes Saturday at 3:00 pm. WATERMELONS remain in the store for sale during the week until they are gone! We also have Organic Blueberries for $4.75 a pint, and lots of the fresh locally raised lettuces from Greybull Valley Produce!

Out at The Farm we have some Riverton Raspberries in our cooler: $32.25 for a full flat, $17.00 for a half-flat. TEXT me 431-1219. (only 4 available!)

Also, in the cooler are 2 cases of Gala Apples ($39 each–33#), and 1 case of Peaches ($42 each–36#). I also have 3 8# containers of frozen Pie Cherries (no Sugar) for $22. TEXT me 431-1219.

Shop Bee Healthy for fresh veggies and wonderful vine-ripened melons, organically raised and reasonably priced, local lettuces, and all your other healthy needs! Shop our cooler at The Farm for wonderful Riverton Raspberries, and Utah Apples, Pie Cherries, and Peaches.

Keeping eating good complete foods, invest in your health through your food! Enjoy The Farmer’s Wife

Report From the Farm– Week 10

Yes, 10 weeks have passed since the start of the harvest of the garden in July. Hard to imagine! Basically we are down to the home stretch with 5 more weeks in October– The tension between the needs of the garden and the distribution of the garden goods will only intensify as we spend the waking hours picking or digging, storing, and distributing to members and commercial customers!

Still in the garden is the last planting of the corn (which did not succumb to the September 8th frost), an abundance of tomatoes (The Farmer will continue to harvest and I will keep filling orders), Broccoli and Broccolini (which will continue even past the frosts or light freezes), both Red and Green Cabbage (watching the size of the heads to harvest them before they are 8-10 pounds!), Brussels Sprouts (one of the last things removed from the garden), Peppers of all stripes and patterns (we will work on harvesting them out this week), potatoes and root crops (carrots, red beets, Daikon radishes), and our fabulous celery (half harvested), and celeriac (can be harvested and stored for the winter).

We will focus this weekend on harvesting the remaining winter squash, Sugar Pie Pumpkins, onions, and pumpkins.

CHECK OUT OUR PUMPKINS AT BLAIRS! (Each CSA Member, including Special Box program participants will get a pumpkin, too!)

If you are interested in a day in the sun harvesting and hauling pumpkins let us know! Saturday is the planned day! Text 431-1219–

The Farmer’s Wife

We are ALIVE and WELL!

Greetings! Yes, it has been a long time since I posted anything, and yes we are still alive and well….barely…No! Seriously, we are fine–tired and overworked and underpaid, but HEY! It’s farming…LOL

We weathered the weather last week, and continue to harvest and get the veggies out of the garden and into the hands of others! Eat well to be well–

What is the update on Veggies?

Celery! Our first celery went out today. We leave them full with all the outer leaves and tops, unless we need to put them in a box to get them somewhere…then we have to top them. Celery is aromatic when fresh, and full of flavor. The leaves can be dehydrated or dried to use in the winter (or later) for soups and sauces. Remember that celery and parsley are in the same family. They are one of those plants that release more flavor the longer they are cooked. Celery is a good source of fiber, fresh celery is loaded with flavor, soups and broths always benefit from celery stalks and leaves!

Green/Red Stuffing Peppers! We harvested 800# of bell peppers before the frost. They are sorted for the best uses: Large, stuffing peppers, averaging nearly a pound each, with a nice flat bottom and thick-meated walls. Small, stuffing peppers, for the light eaters. Odds and ends for the canners, or those wanting to chop and freeze!

Snack Peppers! Sweeter than a bell, but much smaller….yellow, orange, and red in color…colorful added to your salad…or cooked with your fried potatoes! 1# in each Share today….more next week in the other Shares–

Winter Squash! Two kinds of Spaghetti Squash, two kinds of Acorn Squash, Orange and Green Kabocha, Giant Blue Hubbard’s, and Butternut Squash. Fall is on the way!!

Onions! The sweet Candy and white Ringmaster are drying down in the greenhouse. The Walla Walla’s are almost gone…I think less than 15 left. The Sierra Blanca white, Redwing, and Highlanders are in the garden being used from there, and hope to bring them in to complete their drying this upcoming week! A surprise is in the greenhouse drying, too…medium sized, yellow Cipollini’s!

Cauliflower! I think we have seen the last of the white, most bloomed this summer in the heat. I think we are coming to a close on the Flamestar orange, most has been harvested and used. But, the big surprise is the Graffiti Purple: it is starting to fill out the small heads, now that the weather is cooling. We have harvested some beauties! They are amazing: while other cauliflower is racing to bloom in the heat, the purple goes dormant…and waits… Patience is a virtue! (Purple colored are less wormy, too…just like the purple cabbage! High in anthocyanin–)

Poblano’s and Centella’s…two hot peppers! Poblano’s are famous as the pepper to stuff for Chili Rellenos (I blister in the broiler and peel after plunging them into cold water, de-seed, and cut into flat pieces to make my Chili Rellenos Casserole…cheese, milk, and eggs…EASY!) Centella is our new favorite Jalapeno pepper: large and flavorful. We sell them in 2# bags for you Jalapeno Popper Fan’s–cream cheese, seasonings, and wrapped in bacon…or not. Don’t be afraid of hot peppers…just use them sparingly if you’re not a hot pepper person. They are good for us, and NO! we don’t have to make the meal so hot we drink a gallon of water! Within the hot pepper is an ingredient that opens up the blood vessels and can help with pressure and circulation. Food is your best medicine…

Tomatoes! They are not done! We harvested some Artisan Cherry Tomatoes today, as well as the Yellow Esterina’s. The Farmer and Son brought in two boxes of Heirloom Tomatoes for the Shares: German Johnson (pink), Striped German Johnson (yellow), Carbon (black), Cherokee Green (green…not unripe, but a green tomato), and a couple of Pink Tie-Dyed Berkeley’s (not a true Heirloom, but close!). The cool weather cracks the thin skin, and the strong stems puncture others if they are stacked. But, the flavor! I will start the second round of harvest on the canners…please be patient (like the graffiti cauliflower) as I pick, sort, box…orders will be filled in the order they were received.

Off to bed! Stay rested and full of health…Eat your veggies, get good rest, and don’t starve yourself of healthy OXYGEN! The Farmer’s Wife

Canning Tomatoes! Roma’s and Regulars…

We have harvested the tomato beds and boxed them up in 20# boxes! Ready to go now…some ready to can now, some will hold until the weekend…20# for $25. We also have onions, green bell peppers, orange bell peppers, jalapenos and red chilis, and garlic. Text 431-1219 ASAP- pretty sure this is the last opportunity for vine-ripened tomatoes this season with the potential freeze headed our way!