At Bee Healthy TODAY– Lloyd Craft Farms WATERMELONS…

…and Cantaloupe! Vine-ripened, fresh picked…Mini-Watermelons, French Charentais melons, Piel de Sapo melons, Sugar Cube Cantaloupe and Athena Cantaloupe…SWEET and need a home! As little as $1.50–

Also, Utah fresh Blackberries, also vine-ripened and full of flavor. READY to EAT or FREEZE…$3.75/pint. Today only! Gala Apples, Bananas, Oranges–All Organic! Avo-Terra Avocados…$1.50. Wide selection of Lloyd Craft Farms vegetables. Special for Today: 3-1/2 container of Washington Cherry Tomatoes for $3.75 (Usually $7.00)…7 available. Snack cucumbers and Lemon Cucumbers. Our own Broccolini BC1611….tender with long stems…great steams with a cream sauce! AND Much More!

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