Saturday Market at Bee Healthy!

Business Card

We brought in some great veggies Friday and will be restocking more Broccolini and Beans this morning!  Stop in and pick some up:  3 kinds cucumbers (check out the Striped Armenian and Suyo!), 3 kinds of Broccoli (Florets, Galion X, and BC1611), 3 kinds of Peppers (Antohi Fryers, Islander Bell, Shishito), and Zucchini (2# bag).  Check out the Red cabbage (last of the early) and Tendersweet Flat Green Cabbage (name tells it all!).  Cauliflower, too!  (Fresh is best, definitely on the cauliflower!)  2 kinds of beans (Yellow Wax and Dragon’s Tongue).  First batch of TOMATOES!— Box of Roma’s to pick from, and random sized Slicers.

We also had a few items left from Spokane:  Pineapples, Baby Potatoes, Lemons and Limes and Grapefruit, Valencia Oranges, and Kiwi.

Bee Healthy always stocks Organic Garlic (a few Elephant sized on hand, too), Turmeric root, and Ginger root.  Check out some of the new inventory…working on restocking the freezer.  New dairy-free ice creams and plant based burgers…

Come get your fresh food fix!  Bee Healthy closes at 3:00 on Saturday and the food is gone until next Friday–  The Farmer’s Wife

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