Market Day at Bee Healthy–Fri & Sat only!


It is official!  Market Day at Bee Healthy has started…today, Friday, July 24th, at 10:06 am (yes we were a few minutes late…)   We have stocked a half cooler and a whole buffet with organically raised fruits and vegetables:  ORG Cripps Pink (aka Pink Lady) apples, Navel Oranges, ORG lemons and limes, Pineapples…some fun little potato medleys, garlic (both Elephant and regular), ORG Dates, ORG Turmeric and ORG Ginger Root.  In the coolers:  Greybull Valley Butterhead lettuce, Organic Girl Baby Spinach, ORG Lacinato Kale, ORG Rainbow Chard, Earthbound ORG Celery, ORG Cilantro...

From our garden…lots of Cucumbers, Snack Cukes, Broccolini and Broccoli Crowns, 2 beautiful heads of Broccoli, 3 Cabbagesall fresh and ready to go!  Priced reasonable, especially for fresh and LOCAL.  

Come and get them!  Available only until Saturday at 3:00 pm.   The Farmer’s Wife

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