Fremont/Thermopolis- First Drop Tuesday, July 21st

This is a follow-up…I think I have identified you all on our South Route, and will be sending a text message advising our drop point, and estimated time of delivery this Tuesday.  The following deliveries will be on Wednesday’s starting July 29th for the Weekly’s, August 5th for the Leap-Frog’s. We run 13 weeks from this point…if weather permits you will be able to add other other Special Boxes in the Fall.

Our delivery car is pretty full the Leap-Frog weeks, but plenty empty the off weeks.  We could use about 15 more Leap-Frogs to mix with the Weekly’s…got friends, co-workers, neighbors, or relatives who love vegetables and clean eating as much as you do?  Tell them about us!  They can sign up on-line at , under the Special Box Program.  Cost is $205 to start the first week in August and will run until the last week in October.

Tell them how fresh and great the veggies are, and how wonderful The Farmer is! (You might have to take my word on that–)   We want you all to be healthy and happy, prepared for whatever challenge is thrown your way!  It is the micronutrients in your food that help build the immune system, and these are predominantly found in fruits and veggies.  Protein, fats, and carbohydrates are necessary for our total health, but its been the lack of micronutrients that have lead to some of the discomforts and illnesses of our time.

It used to be that the veggies we bought had these nutrients in them, but with the changing of the agricultural methods after WW2, the value of our food began to diminish.  I think I read that 1 apple 60 years ago was worth 15…or more…of today’s. The Farmer and I think that a return to organic methods that recognize the value of a micro-critter laden soil, and smaller farm sizes (to do the hand work) selling to their region (to get it to you closer to the time of harvest) will turn this short-coming around!

What The Farmer and I have learned is there is no substitute for a healthy, thriving soil microbiome that helps to breakdown the natural soil minerals to nano-size for the plants to take up and utilize.  This concept was reinforced a couple years ago when our bell pepper plants were struggling with blossom end rot.  Everyone will tell you it is a mineral deficiency.  But when you test the ground and those minerals are there, or you already supplement them, what is going on?  We did two things:  paid more attention to pampering the soil to encourage the micro-bugs (which included not putting things on the plants or in the soil that killed the microbugs), and provided shade cloth to eliminate the stress of our hot July days and too warm of nights.  The change was almost instantaneous!

This is the same picture that we have of the microbiome in our gut.  Reduced flora and fauna (bacteria, fungus, and yes, even viruses), or lacking in micro diversity, leads to impaired absorption and results in deficiencies.  This body of ours is amazing and can do so much, if given the right fuel to build that biome, the building blocks for cell regeneration, sufficient rest to do the hard work at the cellular level, and a little sunshine and exercise (for Vitamin D and a metabolism boost).  Of course, it’s not that simple but you get the jist!

Pretty exciting!  The garden is popping forward and blessing us with its bounty!  Bring some of your friends and neighbors on board!  Let’s be healthy and fit…and live a happy and full life.  It starts with our gut, which starts with our food–  thanks for letting me rant!  The Farmer’s Wife 



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  1. Posted by Phylisr2004 on July 20, 2020 at 12:52 am

    Where do you deliver in Fremont county?

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