What a WEEK! Bee Healthy OPEN and FIRST CSA Pick UP–Claim Lettuce and Basil!

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Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

Bee Healthy opened Monday!  Thanks to those who stopped in this week to check it out!  We will continue to stock and sell the same things as in the past and will be adding some new items as we go along.  If you are looking for something specific let us know!   Inventory we be increasing over the next couple of weeks–More Probiotic Eleven ordered and in on Monday…checking out Garden of Life probiotics, too–Immune health starts with a healthy gut!  More Freezer goods, hopefully next week, and some of the Valued Natural nuts and Dried Mango Chile. 

Working towards a Grand Opening Mid-August…Stay tuned!  (CSA Members will get a 10% Discount card sometime next week!)  It’s all GOOD!


First CSA Pick Up went great today–For those that could not make it out, and we’ve touched base, your share has been boxed and can be picked up at Bee Healthy Friday between 10:00 am and 5:30 pm.  $3 preparation and transportation fee applies.  Keep in mind we do not have an abundance of cooler space, so better to pick it up earlier than later!  


The Shares included a head of Butterhead lettuce and Living Basil.  If you missed this addition because it was not in the line with the other goodies but set aside in the cooler, let me know!  You can pick it up at Bee Healthy, too.  You have already paid for it, we want you to have it!  Any unclaimed Friday will be sold Saturday or next week… Text 431-1219 to claim your lettuce and basil…


This week we will get the schedule posted for the groups:  C12 are the Weeklies, C1 and CM1 are the Leap-Froggers and Monthlies that started this week.  Next week, July 23rd, will be C12, C2, and CM2.  Reminder:  We have plastic bags for those without, but feel free to bring your own to transport your veggies home.


We will have The Store at The Farm set up for business NEXT WEEK!  Wa-hoo!  Fresh fruits, more farm veggies including a small amount of Cherry Tomatoes from the high tunnel ahead of the garden tomatoes, mushrooms, herbs, Turmeric, and Gingerroot. 


I know I said the CSA was closed, but the garden called me a LIAR…we have room!  Sign up on-line this week to get the full Shares:  $235 Leap-Frog, $415 Weekly, and $115 Monthly.  Check it out at http://www.lloydcraftfarms.com , CSA tab.  Don’t wait and miss out!  (We are flexible on payments…)


Have a great day!  Have a wonderful week!  AND don’t forget to SMILE–  The Farmer’s Wife

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