Surprise Share available for CSA Members and more info on Bee Healthy

snap peas

The days have been long and the nights SHORT!  Things are happening ALL at the same time.  Here’s some pertinent news:

SURPRISE SHARE for CSA Members:  The garden is beginning to produce, but not a $30 value.  So, here’s the deal:  A mini-Share offering for CSA members only–the Weekly’s and Leap-Frogger’s.  (We’ll pick up the Monthly’s when we have more stuff to shop for!)

The mini-Share is 1-1/2# of Snap Peas, 8 to 12 ounces of Broccolini, 2# of freshly picked first of the season Summer Squash (mostly Zucchini, but there are a few yellow and striped zucchini kinds, too), and a few Red RadishesThis is like an appetizer for the ‘big garden meal’ that will start on the 16th for the Weekly’s, half the Monthly’s, and Leap-Frogger’s…we stagger the membership to balance the harvest and not tax the garden.  

The cost of this mini-share is $15–I decided to charge for the mini-Share outside the pre-paid CSA to preserve the 13 week CSA period for the higher yields…that’s a better bang for your buck! 

This mini-Share may be the only way to get the Snap Peas…we are not sure how long they will produce as peas DO NOT LIKE hot days! The harvest yesterday was 116#; I doubt they will yield that heavy again…These were supposed to be ready before the Buyer’s Group came to a close…we don’t tell the garden what to do or when…

Pick Up the mini-Share at Bee Healthy–635 Big Horn Ave.   We will be working there getting ready for our Monday opening–still waiting for the sales license from the state, and completion of our inventory and register challenges!!

If you are out of town or have other plans, you can pick your mini-Share up Sunday at The Farm, or Monday at Bee Healthy–let us know which day so we can keep your produce as chilled as possible…we still do not have adequate refrigeration at Bee…not like here at The Farm.  🙂

How exciting!  I will be sending you a text to confirm your membership, any balance yet due, and what day you would like to pick up this GEM!  Dates to remember:  Saturday, July 11th for the Mini-Share, and Thursday, July 16th for the CSA start up here in town.  Stay Tuned!  The Farmer’s Wife


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  1. Posted by Phylisr2004 on July 9, 2020 at 3:12 pm

    Hi!! I’ll take a mini share and pick at the Bee on Saturday ? I can also go to the farm if that’s easier for you. Phyllis

    What we are called to do through it all is to love and protect one another. Rumi


  2. Posted by Bo and Jo Bowman on July 9, 2020 at 1:46 pm

    Hi Terry, Jo Bowman here. Is there any chance I can get some gluten free pasta from the store? I can write a check for you to hold for your license or give you cash. My grandson is with us and we use alot of pasta. The shop is where I have been getting it. Nothing else in town. I understand if you can’t but the answer is always no unless you ask. Have a blessed day. Jo Bowman

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