Update on The Farm and Bee Healthy…

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Yes!  Summer is upon us…temps are climbing and the garden is about ready to explode!  Sunday night I harvested 40# of beautiful Zucchini…but the CSA has to start with more than just ZUCCHINI!  Cucumbers, broccoli, more broccolini, and snap peas are ‘on the wing’!  We are still looking at the third week in July to have the variety and volume to get the food distribution to members started.  Stay TUNED!  

Bee Healthy is inching along… 😦     Waiting on the State of Wyoming Revenue Department for the Sales License…which is needed prior to entering into contracts with distributors…and waiting on a functional inventory spreadsheet to load into the Point of Sale system so we can take credit/debit cards.  The 4th of July holiday cost us 4 days with the bureaucracy but gained us time to wrap up the reorganization of the store.

Realistically, we’ve had to move the Bee Healthy opening to July 13th, with the Grand Opening pushed to first week in August.  STAY TUNED!

The Farmer’s Wife

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