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Thursday Boxes– Just in Time for the 4th!

We ordered goodies from Spokane and still have some goodies to liquidate–Pick Up a Box with Fruit and spuds for the 4th, and other farm raised goodies from Lloyd Craft Farms–  TEXT 431-1219 to Reserve, ready for Pick Up at The Farm Thursday morning as early as 8:00 am…we will deliver in town Thursday afternoon ($5 fee to cover gas and driver)…

Thursday Box:  From our Farm–1# Broccolini Galion X (easy to cook, even in a skillet over a campfire), 2# Fort Laramie Strawberries, 1# bag Red Radishes (great cooked too!), bundle of homegrown Spinach.   From Spokane, all Organic FRUIT–1# each Cripps Apples AKA Pink Lady, Red Plums, WA ApricotsAlso, 1# ORG Yukon PotatoesFrom Greybull Valley Produce, 1 head of Living Lettuce—  $30

(I had ordered these for Bee Healthy…BUT…just got the internet hooked up…can start the inventory–hooray! The telephone is now operational, but we are not open yet.  STAY TUNED!  New ADVENTURE–  🙂


The Farmer’s Wife– Happy Holiday!  (Take fresh food along…or enjoy here at home with family and friends!)