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First Friday and Saturday Market at Bee Healthy– New Things to Consider….


Happy to report we had a good first weekend of Market at The Bee.  We sold more than we brought back to The Farm, only pulling a few items.  We decided to leave a few things that are truly health food staples!  Bee Healthy will stock garlic (including Elephant garlic), turmeric, and ginger root…These are all the natural forms of some of the supplements that address inflammation, help control pain, and have healing properties.  Ours are USDA certified Organic.

Kyolic is the name brand of a garlic supplement with differing label variations...some for cardiovascular helps and some with immune support helps.  Actual garlic has the same properties, just not the concentration.  Incorporate garlic into your cooking.  A little bit a day goes a long way…if you know what I mean.  😉  Roasted garlic is easier to eat, and a clove can be squeezed into soups or mashed potatoes.

Curcumin is the bright yellow phenol in turmeric.  As Wikipedia states, “It is the principal curcuminoid of turmeric, a member of the ginger family.  Curcumin is sold as an herbal supplement, cosmetics ingredient, food flavoring, and food coloring.”  Though Wikipedia does not delve into the nutritional merits of curcumin, other clinical studies have found merit as an anti-inflammatory, which can help with pain.  Turmeric is a stronger flavor than ginger root, which can easily be grated into your stir-fry or added to any vegetable dish to add a nice fresh flavor.  Turmeric is used in a lot of Indian dishes as a component of curry.  I personally like putting a slice of turmeric in my hot tea.  It is mildly infused in the tea, imparting its flavor, and then can be chewed up as an extra treat!

Other items we left at Bee Healthy were Rainbow Chard, Lacinato Kale, fresh Cilantro, and Celery…Chards are in the same family as Red Beets and Spinach, Kale is another member of the Brassica family, Cilantro is thought to be helpful in eliminating metals from your system, and celery is a great juice additive.  All of these products are Organic.

We will also stock Organic Dates (in the cooler section) along with our other natural and organic based sweeteners!  Janet also stocked the dates and they are great!

The last two items we left at Bee Healthy are a passel of our own CUCUMBERS and a half box of ORG Pink Lady apples!

The cucumbers are 2/$1.00–50 cents each!  We are being inundated here at The Farm with CUCUMBERS!  All kinds, but especially the slicers:  Thunder, Mongoose, and Olympian.  I don’t know what we were thinking!  But they are good and good for us!  Cucumbers are in the same family as melons, and sometimes we can get hints of the sweet taste (Striped Armenian cucumbers!)…many folks who have allergic reactions to cantaloupe also have mild irritation to cucumbers. Cucumbers are best fresh and not a good keeper in the fridge!  I always tell the CSA Members:  Eat your cucumber FIRST!

As to the apples…we will take them back home next week and make applesauce with what is left.  Apples are in the top 5 of those foods heavily laden with toxins, and organically raised should be the preference!  Domestic apples are done until the new crop is ready later in the summer, early fall…these beauties came from Argentina!  The Washington apples ended mid-June–  Cripps Pink is the actual name of the apple; Pink Lady is a trademark!  

Enjoy your food and take care of your health…It’s worth it!  The Farmer’s Wife  

Pickling Cucumbers & Dill!


We have pickling cucumbers and have been filling orders!  13# is roughly 8 quarts–$30 with Dill. These are European Picklers with a nice sweet flavor and no bitterness in the skin. 

Send me a text 431-1219 to get your spot saved–  We are harvesting 50# every other day…very little wait time!


Market Day at Bee Healthy–Fri & Sat only!


It is official!  Market Day at Bee Healthy has started…today, Friday, July 24th, at 10:06 am (yes we were a few minutes late…)   We have stocked a half cooler and a whole buffet with organically raised fruits and vegetables:  ORG Cripps Pink (aka Pink Lady) apples, Navel Oranges, ORG lemons and limes, Pineapples…some fun little potato medleys, garlic (both Elephant and regular), ORG Dates, ORG Turmeric and ORG Ginger Root.  In the coolers:  Greybull Valley Butterhead lettuce, Organic Girl Baby Spinach, ORG Lacinato Kale, ORG Rainbow Chard, Earthbound ORG Celery, ORG Cilantro...

From our garden…lots of Cucumbers, Snack Cukes, Broccolini and Broccoli Crowns, 2 beautiful heads of Broccoli, 3 Cabbagesall fresh and ready to go!  Priced reasonable, especially for fresh and LOCAL.  

Come and get them!  Available only until Saturday at 3:00 pm.   The Farmer’s Wife

The Store at The Farm is Coming…and so is Market Day at The Bee!

Business Card

Today is the second CSA Pick Up of the 2020 Season…Today is the second half of the Monthly’s and the second half of the Leap-Frog’s!  The beauty of the Monthly Share is being able to shop The Store at The Farm every single Thursday, whether you day for a Share or NOT!  Well….today is that day.  (Same holds true of the Leap-Frogs…come and restock on cucumbers…Wahoo!  The first day of The Store at The Farm– 4:00 to 7:00 pm.

Items for sale:   ORG Pink Lady Apples, Navel Oranges and ORG Lemons and ORG Limes, GrapefruitPineapples, ORG Kiwi, and Avocados…as well as the ORG Medjool Dates!  Lloyd Craft Farms veggies this week are Broccolini, Broccoli heads and Crowns, Green Cabbage (in the Shares next week), and a few undersized onions.  I have 3 containers (2# each) of Cherry and Grape tomatoes from the high tunnel!  Additions from Spokane:  ORG Lacinato Kale (ours isn’t big enough yet) and ORG Rainbow Chard, ORG Girl Baby Spinach, ORG Ginger Root, ORG Turmeric, and a VARIETY of MUSHROOMS…5 to be exact (Shiitake, White, Portabella, Mini-Bells, and Oyster).

Market Day at The Bee?  YES!  We have decided to stock some items, but only on Friday and Saturday to assure freshness and quality– These will be a lot of the items listed above.  Come in and check it out:  the sign in Bee Healthy’s window says “Lloyd Craft Farms, Fresh and Locally grown, SOLD HERE!”  Hours are Friday 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, and Saturday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

The Farmer’s Wife

Fremont/Thermopolis- First Drop Tuesday, July 21st

This is a follow-up…I think I have identified you all on our South Route, and will be sending a text message advising our drop point, and estimated time of delivery this Tuesday.  The following deliveries will be on Wednesday’s starting July 29th for the Weekly’s, August 5th for the Leap-Frog’s. We run 13 weeks from this point…if weather permits you will be able to add other other Special Boxes in the Fall.

Our delivery car is pretty full the Leap-Frog weeks, but plenty empty the off weeks.  We could use about 15 more Leap-Frogs to mix with the Weekly’s…got friends, co-workers, neighbors, or relatives who love vegetables and clean eating as much as you do?  Tell them about us!  They can sign up on-line at , under the Special Box Program.  Cost is $205 to start the first week in August and will run until the last week in October.

Tell them how fresh and great the veggies are, and how wonderful The Farmer is! (You might have to take my word on that–)   We want you all to be healthy and happy, prepared for whatever challenge is thrown your way!  It is the micronutrients in your food that help build the immune system, and these are predominantly found in fruits and veggies.  Protein, fats, and carbohydrates are necessary for our total health, but its been the lack of micronutrients that have lead to some of the discomforts and illnesses of our time.

It used to be that the veggies we bought had these nutrients in them, but with the changing of the agricultural methods after WW2, the value of our food began to diminish.  I think I read that 1 apple 60 years ago was worth 15…or more…of today’s. The Farmer and I think that a return to organic methods that recognize the value of a micro-critter laden soil, and smaller farm sizes (to do the hand work) selling to their region (to get it to you closer to the time of harvest) will turn this short-coming around!

What The Farmer and I have learned is there is no substitute for a healthy, thriving soil microbiome that helps to breakdown the natural soil minerals to nano-size for the plants to take up and utilize.  This concept was reinforced a couple years ago when our bell pepper plants were struggling with blossom end rot.  Everyone will tell you it is a mineral deficiency.  But when you test the ground and those minerals are there, or you already supplement them, what is going on?  We did two things:  paid more attention to pampering the soil to encourage the micro-bugs (which included not putting things on the plants or in the soil that killed the microbugs), and provided shade cloth to eliminate the stress of our hot July days and too warm of nights.  The change was almost instantaneous!

This is the same picture that we have of the microbiome in our gut.  Reduced flora and fauna (bacteria, fungus, and yes, even viruses), or lacking in micro diversity, leads to impaired absorption and results in deficiencies.  This body of ours is amazing and can do so much, if given the right fuel to build that biome, the building blocks for cell regeneration, sufficient rest to do the hard work at the cellular level, and a little sunshine and exercise (for Vitamin D and a metabolism boost).  Of course, it’s not that simple but you get the jist!

Pretty exciting!  The garden is popping forward and blessing us with its bounty!  Bring some of your friends and neighbors on board!  Let’s be healthy and fit…and live a happy and full life.  It starts with our gut, which starts with our food–  thanks for letting me rant!  The Farmer’s Wife 



Quick Post to Riverton/Lander/Thermopolis Folks–

Yes, we are coming!  Working on the first drop for TUESDAY, July 21st–

Share will be Snap Peas, Broccoli, Cucumbers galore, Summer Squash mix, Greybull Valley Living Lettuce and Basil.  

More information to follow today by Text–  Any questions?  Text me at 431-1219.  We will drop for Weeklies and Leap-Froggers this week, with just Weeklies next week.  

The Farmer’s Wife

What a WEEK! Bee Healthy OPEN and FIRST CSA Pick UP–Claim Lettuce and Basil!

bee on a plant

Photo by Lisa Fotios on

Bee Healthy opened Monday!  Thanks to those who stopped in this week to check it out!  We will continue to stock and sell the same things as in the past and will be adding some new items as we go along.  If you are looking for something specific let us know!   Inventory we be increasing over the next couple of weeks–More Probiotic Eleven ordered and in on Monday…checking out Garden of Life probiotics, too–Immune health starts with a healthy gut!  More Freezer goods, hopefully next week, and some of the Valued Natural nuts and Dried Mango Chile. 

Working towards a Grand Opening Mid-August…Stay tuned!  (CSA Members will get a 10% Discount card sometime next week!)  It’s all GOOD!


First CSA Pick Up went great today–For those that could not make it out, and we’ve touched base, your share has been boxed and can be picked up at Bee Healthy Friday between 10:00 am and 5:30 pm.  $3 preparation and transportation fee applies.  Keep in mind we do not have an abundance of cooler space, so better to pick it up earlier than later!  


The Shares included a head of Butterhead lettuce and Living Basil.  If you missed this addition because it was not in the line with the other goodies but set aside in the cooler, let me know!  You can pick it up at Bee Healthy, too.  You have already paid for it, we want you to have it!  Any unclaimed Friday will be sold Saturday or next week… Text 431-1219 to claim your lettuce and basil…


This week we will get the schedule posted for the groups:  C12 are the Weeklies, C1 and CM1 are the Leap-Froggers and Monthlies that started this week.  Next week, July 23rd, will be C12, C2, and CM2.  Reminder:  We have plastic bags for those without, but feel free to bring your own to transport your veggies home.


We will have The Store at The Farm set up for business NEXT WEEK!  Wa-hoo!  Fresh fruits, more farm veggies including a small amount of Cherry Tomatoes from the high tunnel ahead of the garden tomatoes, mushrooms, herbs, Turmeric, and Gingerroot. 


I know I said the CSA was closed, but the garden called me a LIAR…we have room!  Sign up on-line this week to get the full Shares:  $235 Leap-Frog, $415 Weekly, and $115 Monthly.  Check it out at , CSA tab.  Don’t wait and miss out!  (We are flexible on payments…)


Have a great day!  Have a wonderful week!  AND don’t forget to SMILE–  The Farmer’s Wife



You have heard us say that the CSA will start the third week in July…That is NOW!  I’ve talked with some this last week as they came to pick up the MiniShare that we put together for last Friday with things in the garden that were not in enough volume for all, but too high volume for a few.  So now is the time!

I will be sending text messages Wednesday that will direct you to the letter for the CSA Startup, and let you know your group and whether you start this week or next.  Let it suffice to say that ALL Weeklies will start this Thursday, July 16th.  The Monthly’s and Leap-Frogger’s will be split to not tax the garden.  Generally speaking, if you got a MiniShare this week, we will put you in the group to start next week, unless you have asked otherwise. 

CSA Pick Up is Thursday’s from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm at The Farm, 1049 Washakie Ten.  We will not have The Store at The Farm this first week, but will start stocking it with fruit, mushrooms, herbs, and other vegetables starting July 23rd.  

Stay tuned!  Wa-hoo, Garden FRESH!  Pictured above is a Striped Armenian, Thunder and Olympian slicing cucumbers–the garden is in bloom!  We also harvested 217# of BROCCOLI, and an additional 70# of snap Peas…It’s all good!           –The Farmer’s Wife

MiniShares for sale @ Bee Healthy!


Photo by Juhasz Imre on

Greetings YOU ALL!  Bee Healthy will be open Monday, July 13th–635 Big Horn Ave.  We are still working through a few bugs, but come in and visit–

I have 15 unclaimed Lloyd Craft Farms MiniShares available for $15:  1# Snap Peas, 3/4# Broccolini, 2# Summer Squash (predominantly zucchini), 2 Red Radishes that are great roasted or fried, and an itsy bitsy Harmonie cucumber…first harvest ALL…but the Broccolini which has been in the high tunnel for the past month. Come in and pick these up–now available for non-CSA Members.

CSA membership is closed…but if you would like to get on the waiting list, we may be able to add you once the garden is in full production and we have a feel on the demand! Text 431-1219

The Farmer’s Wife and new owner of Bee Healthy–wow, that sounds magical! A family endeavor for sure—

Surprise Share available for CSA Members and more info on Bee Healthy

snap peas

The days have been long and the nights SHORT!  Things are happening ALL at the same time.  Here’s some pertinent news:

SURPRISE SHARE for CSA Members:  The garden is beginning to produce, but not a $30 value.  So, here’s the deal:  A mini-Share offering for CSA members only–the Weekly’s and Leap-Frogger’s.  (We’ll pick up the Monthly’s when we have more stuff to shop for!)

The mini-Share is 1-1/2# of Snap Peas, 8 to 12 ounces of Broccolini, 2# of freshly picked first of the season Summer Squash (mostly Zucchini, but there are a few yellow and striped zucchini kinds, too), and a few Red RadishesThis is like an appetizer for the ‘big garden meal’ that will start on the 16th for the Weekly’s, half the Monthly’s, and Leap-Frogger’s…we stagger the membership to balance the harvest and not tax the garden.  

The cost of this mini-share is $15–I decided to charge for the mini-Share outside the pre-paid CSA to preserve the 13 week CSA period for the higher yields…that’s a better bang for your buck! 

This mini-Share may be the only way to get the Snap Peas…we are not sure how long they will produce as peas DO NOT LIKE hot days! The harvest yesterday was 116#; I doubt they will yield that heavy again…These were supposed to be ready before the Buyer’s Group came to a close…we don’t tell the garden what to do or when…

Pick Up the mini-Share at Bee Healthy–635 Big Horn Ave.   We will be working there getting ready for our Monday opening–still waiting for the sales license from the state, and completion of our inventory and register challenges!!

If you are out of town or have other plans, you can pick your mini-Share up Sunday at The Farm, or Monday at Bee Healthy–let us know which day so we can keep your produce as chilled as possible…we still do not have adequate refrigeration at Bee…not like here at The Farm.  🙂

How exciting!  I will be sending you a text to confirm your membership, any balance yet due, and what day you would like to pick up this GEM!  Dates to remember:  Saturday, July 11th for the Mini-Share, and Thursday, July 16th for the CSA start up here in town.  Stay Tuned!  The Farmer’s Wife