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Harvested 25# of Broccolini Galion X today…a Meadowlark was keeping me company and then my son came and practiced his songs and guitar strumming…music abounds here on The Farm!  It is bitter sweet knowing that the 2020 Buyer’s Group is coming to a close.  What a season, what an experience with the restrictions placed on the community for the virus this year…but we are over the hump and I trust common sense can prevail.  Common sense should tell us to protect our local food sources, and to take care of our health.  With those two goals in mind here is my pitch for joining the CSA:  support the garden, help us get it ‘in’ and harvested ‘out’ into our community.  Memberships start at $115 for 3 month…check it out!  

2 BOXES this week…abundance of cabbage for those that didn’t get it last week (BOX B)…Broccolini for the Weekly’s and a dozen others (BOX A–first come, first serve). $30

BOX A:  Greybull Valley Living Romaine Lettuce, over 2# ORG Cripps Pink apples AKA Pink Lady, our own 1# Broccolini Galion X, ORG Red Onion, ORG 1# Carrots, ORG Celery, ORG Garlic Bulb, our own Red Radishes, ORG Earthbound Green Beans (12 oz ready to go).

BOX B:  Greybull Valley Living Lettuce (Butterhead, Red, or Green), 2# ORG Cripps Pink apples AKA Pink Lady, over 3# Navel Oranges, ORG Green Cabbage, ORG White or Yellow Onion, ORG English Cucumber, ORG Garlic Bulb, our own Daikon Radishes, ORG Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine.

Highlights in The Store:  ORG Red Seedless Grapes (2-1/2#)….$9.00, our own Fort Laramie Strawberries….$2.75 pint, ORG Black AND Red Plums (NEW)………$3.00/#, more Mushrooms, ORG Ginger root and Turmeric, NEW Whole Almonds…..$4.25, WA Asparagus (1-1/2# bundle)….$6.25, more ORG Dates (8 oz)……..$5.25.  And all the regular vegetables and fruits!


Come and Shop!  The Farmer’s Wife  

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