Thursday is the DAY! Fresh Fruits at Lloyd Craft Farms, and other Vegetables…

Business Card


It’s a beautiful day!  Sun is shining and we are sitting in the cool shelter listening the the birds, and enjoying the sprinkler mist–  We are here until 6:00 pm TONIGHT!   1049 Washakie Ten…

Some of the SPECIALS: 

ORG Medjool dates for $5.25 for 8 oz

Greybull Valley Produce Living Herbs (thyme, mint, dill) for $4.75

Greybull Valley Produce Living ROMAINE--today only…$2.25

ORG Red Seedless Grapes–2-1/2# envelope for $9.99–

ORG Cripps Pink Apples (AKA Pink Lady)– $2.50/#

ORG Strawberries- 1# container– $4.75  SUPER GOOD!

All our other great stuff too, including ORG salad dressings, and nuts!

Come visit today–Open to the PUBLIC–  



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