WEEK 22- JUNE 11TH- GROUP B…UPDATE ON THE GARDEN…and info on what’s on at The Store, and in the Special Boxes!

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First an update on the gardenWe are waiting to officially label the beds until the new/used 1999 Kawasaki Mule gets here from Colorado June 14th.  Our 2 mules ‘died’ last fall, and we have been mourning their loss every day this spring.  One is in Cody, and has been for 3 months, being reconstituted…wait, reconditioned is actually the word I want!  The Farmer has about wore his legs out pushing that wheel barrow around hooking up all the water lines, and planting the pumpkins, melons, and winter squash in the far north bed!  And not every one uses a 2018 Subaru Outback (with lane monitors and all sorts of fancy bells and whistles to make the driving safer) to haul their baby transplants from the greenhouse to the tractor in the garden to load the transplanter.  Monday when all our helpers are back after a respite we will set out the fall Brassica’s (including the new sets of Broccolini to start harvesting in August), and the Celery and Celeriac. Hopefully we can retire the Outback from its Mule duties! 

The High Tunnels have been productive and amazing this spring!  With the harvest of the Daikon Radishes this coming Monday, and the last of the Spinach coming out the same day, the only thing left in the tunnel will be the Broccolini Galion X to harvest through August, and our 3 little experimental Cherry/Grape tomato plants in the corner which are setting on blooms. We have plans to follow this spring crop with a celery crop for continuous harvest, late fall harvested celeriac, extended season yellow peppers, and three beds of overwintering carrots for the 2021 Buyer’s Group.

In the Gothic High Tunnel we are replanting some of the Herb bed, and have cleaned out the last of the Hakurei Salad Turnips to give room to the volunteer Dill that we ‘allowed’ to grow there…found a big, fat, healthy toad and a gazillion lady bugs…  We will be harvesting the new crop of Red Radishes starting next week to sell in The Store.  The three beds of Snap Peas are growing and getting taller each day!  Hopefully they will be in our first Shares for the CSA.  Our plan is to overwinter green onions in the Snap Pea beds, as we did with the Green Onions in three other beds in the Gothic late last fall.  The last of the Green Onions have been dug and will be sold this week to help pay for our helpers.

But now…This Thursday…what is in The Store and in The Special Boxes?  

June 11th Box:  Greybull Valley Living Lettuce (Romaine or Green or Red Leaf), a huge bag of Anthony’s Organic Red Seedless Grapes (over 2#), ORG Green Cabbage (3# to 4# size), an ORG Red Onion and an ORG White Onion, ORG English Cucumber, 2 ORG Colored Bell Peppers, and 1# ORG Carrots$30 

Items in The Store NOTE:  We’ve ordered in ORG Strawberries for $4.75/1# containers (32# ordered), ORG Cripps Pink Apples (AKA Pink Lady) for $2.50/# (80# ordered), more ORG Black Plums (yummy!) for $3.25/#it takes a lot to equal a pound!  We’ve continued with the focus on Mushroom varieties…Shiitake, Oyster, White, Portabella and Crimini’s…priced from $2.75 to $4.25.  Our inventory on the Medjool Dates was getting low, Spokane was out…they did have some organic at twice the price…we are selling them close to our cost…give them a try and let me know if they taste different than the conventional ‘natural’ we usually carry!  (Spokane doesn’t normally list organic dates…) 

Come in and shop from 10 am to 6 pm, Thursday only!  1049 Washakie Ten.  Text me your orders on Wednesday for Thursday delivery or to hold them until you can get in after work.  $5 fee applies.

We are finishing with the Buyer’s Group this month–last one is June 25th!  There might be a couple of weeks until the garden is producing, so anticipate and plan ahead.  I will gauge my order based on the previous week’s sales.  The Farmer’s Wife

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