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Bee Healthy…NOT open TODAY– :(


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Sorry, we are NOT going to be able to open Bee Healthy YET..our optimism was too optimistic.  We tried to work around technical difficulties…  Stay tuned!  Waiting for several folks to show up to hook up things and we’ll be ready to go!


Bee Healthy open tomorrow…

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I’m going to use this format to get information out on Bee Healthy until we get a Bee Healthy page set up…so much to get lined out in such a short amount of time!  

So, here’s the skinny:  Bee Healthy will be open tomorrow at 10:00 am, all day.  We don’t have a phone or internet, so can only take cash and checks.  (We’ll be activating the card reader once the internet is up and running, sometime mid- week.)  We have rearranged the store and moved things around, but no new inventory this week.  More stuff will be coming in next week!  For the time being lots of drinks and yummies, healthy grocery itemssmall gift items and unique antique spoon jewelry…specialty note cards…teas and the full line of Nature’s Sunshine and other quality supplements.  We also have some of Pam Greek’s pottery, top of the line, and a good supply of homemade soaps, locally made.

Produce will be coming in Thursday–maybe some zucchini from the garden and for sure Broccolini in 12 oz bags……..that’s what I call healthy!

Stop in and say HI!  The Farmer’s Wife

Buyer’s Group, CSA, and Bee Healthy…

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The Buyer’s Group has officially come to a close.  The CSA still has room for more members.  And we bought Bee Healthy!  We are organizing the store this weekend and getting ready to open the doors on Monday, June 29th, to walk-in’s.  Grand Opening will be mid-July!  Stay tuned!

Speaking of Bee Healthy:  Thursday, July 1st, we will have some select seasonal FRUITs:  Our fresh Fort Laramie Strawberries, 80# of Washington Organic Cherries, Organic Apricots, Organic Cripps Pink Apples AKA Pink Lady, and Navel Oranges and other citrus:  Organic Lemons, Limes, and Grapefruit. We’ll also have Greybull Valley Living Lettuces and Organic Girl Baby SpinachIt is our plan that Fresh fruits and greens will come in every Thursday at Bee Healthy.  Let’s keep Thursday’s as our Market Day!  

At Bee Healthy, we will continue to carry the Valued Natural Nuts–Cashews, Hazelnuts, Pecans, and Almonds, as well as Kruggermann Sauerkraut, not raw, but a simple cabbage in a jar with no additives or preservatives, Berlin Style.  We’ll carry the Organic Salad Dressings we’ve had at The Store on The Farm.  More quality items will be added as we develop space in the store.

The best place to get the fresh garden veggies is still through the CSA at The Farm.  Sign up now to assure a steady supply of garden fresh veggies starting mid-July and running through September.  $115 for a Monthly, $235 for the Leap-Frog, and $415 for the Weekly.  We will not be stocking Lloyd Craft Farms garden goods at Bee Healthy during the summer (no cooler space, no time)…but, Bee will have some seasonal fruits, and local greens, as long as they are moving.

Stop in and see us at Bee Healthy–Say HI to Liz…Sign Up for the CSA–say HI to The Farmer…Stop in Thursday for fresh Strawberries and Washington Cherries–Say HI to me!  The Farmer’s Wife



Thursday and Friday Boxes AVAILABLE…text 431-1219 to reserve…

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We had some folks that were vacationing or out of town today…so we have 3 Thursday Boxes left for a new home.  We had too much produce left over…so we have 6 Friday Boxes up for adoption.  Peruse the contents below and let me know which one you would like…then text 431-1219 to reserve.  They can be picked up Friday between 11:30 and 1:00…

THURSDAY BOX:  Greybull Valley Living Lettuce, Our Own fresh picked Strawberries- 1 pint, Our Own Red Radishes, ORG Brussels Sprouts– 1#, ORG Carrots– 1#, ORG Celery, ORG Onion, 4 ORG Roma Tomatoes, and an ORG English Cucumber$30

FRIDAY BOX:  Greybull Valley Living Lettuce, Our Own fresh picked Strawberries– 1 pint, ORG Cripps Pink Apples (AKA Pink Lady)- 1#, 1 LARGE ORG Apricot, 4 Hass Avocados, Cauliflower, WA Asparagus– 1-1/2# bundle, 4 ORG Roma Tomatoes, ORG Cucumber, 2 ORG Zucchini, and Our Own bundled Spinach$36 value for $30

Thanks!  The Farmer’s Wife

THURSDAY’s THE DAY! The last day of this season for the Buyer’s Group…

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Don’t forget!  Come and visit, and buy us out!  10:00 am to 6:00 pm at The Farm.  We hate to have anything left at the end of the day…more work selling it on Friday at an already busy time of year.  So, help us out!  This is the last Thursday in June, and the last of the 2020 Buyer’s Group.  Thanks for supporting this adventure and moving some good veggies in this wonderful community.  Eat fresh and good foods, and be healthy!   Shop Bee Healthy!!  Opening soon under new ownership…

REMINDER:  We are having a FRUIT BLOW OUT–I didn’t order a lot, but I did reduce my price…all organic…WA Cherries, Red Seedless Grapes, WA Apricots, and Black Plums!  82# available at $.50 to $1.00 per pound off!  More of our own Fort Laramie Strawberries, too!

If you are interested in a box, send me a text:  431-1219.  At this point I am not planning on putting any extra’s together, but I can…don’t tarry and delay…text me today!

Box Contents: Our Own Fort Laramie Strawberries (1 pint), Greybull Valley Living Lettuce (Green Leaf, Red Leaf, or Romaine), ORG Brussels Sprouts- 1#, ORG White Onions OR ORG Red Onion, ORG English Cucumber, ORG Carrots- 1#, ORG Celery, ORG Yams (about 1-1/3#), and 1# ORG Roma Tomatoesrecipes at , recipe tab…check out some Brussels Sprouts recipes, quick and easy way to cook Sweet Potatoes, and Carrot Soup and cooked carrots…hmmmmmm


See you Thursday!   Hallelujah for summer and the CSA, thanks for Winter/Spring and the Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome–   The Farmer’s Wife


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Wow!  The Buyer’s Group is coming to a CLOSE!  This Thursday is the last week!  I’ve stocked The Store with special pricing on some ORGANIC Fruits:  WA Cherries, Red Seedless Grapes, Black and Red Plums, and WA Apricots…Discounted in celebration of the last Buyer’s Group!  Come and visit…open to the public…Thursday, 10 am to 6 pm.  

Special Box:  Greybull Valley Living Lettuce, 1 pint Our Own Fort Laramie Strawberries, Our Own Red Radishes, ORG Brussels sprouts- 1#, ORG Carrots- 1# & ORG Celery, ORG Red Onion or ORG White Onion, ORG Roma Tomatoes & Yam(s), ORG English Cucumber–$30

Still room in the CSA…garden is looking great!  Take a meander as you come down the lane!  Vegetables are growing, but so are the weeds…we’ve begun the cultivating between the rows and will start the hoeing at the ends and where the cultivator doesn’t reach.  Lorenzo tackled the pumpkins yesterday, thinning them down to 2 per hole…that was a 6 hour job!  Almost all the plants are out of the greenhouse–cleaning up the high tunnels for their second planting.  Snap Peas are blooming and will go into the first Share for the CSA, along with the first zucchini and some Harmonie cucumbers, and whatever else the garden yields up!

The Farmer’s Wife!


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Fresh fruits and veggies are perishable and need to MOVE…so here is the a great box made from the stuff left over from the market day (Buyer’s Group and Walk-in’s Welcome) this Thursday at The Farm–

Greybull Valley Produce Living Lettuce, 12 oz bag Earthbound ORG Green Beans, 2# ORG Red Seedless Grapes (YUMMMM), 1# ORG Red Plums, 2 Avocados, ORG White Onion, and 3# ORG Yukon Potatoes$30

Text 431-1219 to Reserve.  Only 5 available.  Pick up Friday at The Farm (1049 Washakie 10), or Saturday.  11:00 to 1:00 or set up a time.  Limited Shopping for other fruits and veggies.  Buyer’s Group is coming to a close.  Get a box while they are available!  The Farmer’s Wife

5 EXTRA’s TODAY…Wyoming Strawberries!


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Group A–Last one this season–today, 10 am to 6 pm, at The Farm. 

I have 5 EXTRA’s, a great box of fruits and veggies:  Greybull Valley Living Lettuce (Butterhead, Red, or Green), 2# ORG Cripps Pink apples AKA Pink Lady, over 3# Navel Oranges, 1# ORG Brussels Sprouts, ORG JUMBO Yellow Onion, ORG English Cucumber, ORG Garlic Bulb, and our own Daikon RadishesThis week’s EXTRA’s cost $25.  TEXT 431-1219 to reserve…pick up today, or Friday.  Shop local and fresh!


Still time to sign up for the CSA which will start in July…NEXT MONTH! 

The Farmer’s Wife


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Harvested 25# of Broccolini Galion X today…a Meadowlark was keeping me company and then my son came and practiced his songs and guitar strumming…music abounds here on The Farm!  It is bitter sweet knowing that the 2020 Buyer’s Group is coming to a close.  What a season, what an experience with the restrictions placed on the community for the virus this year…but we are over the hump and I trust common sense can prevail.  Common sense should tell us to protect our local food sources, and to take care of our health.  With those two goals in mind here is my pitch for joining the CSA:  support the garden, help us get it ‘in’ and harvested ‘out’ into our community.  Memberships start at $115 for 3 month…check it out!  

2 BOXES this week…abundance of cabbage for those that didn’t get it last week (BOX B)…Broccolini for the Weekly’s and a dozen others (BOX A–first come, first serve). $30

BOX A:  Greybull Valley Living Romaine Lettuce, over 2# ORG Cripps Pink apples AKA Pink Lady, our own 1# Broccolini Galion X, ORG Red Onion, ORG 1# Carrots, ORG Celery, ORG Garlic Bulb, our own Red Radishes, ORG Earthbound Green Beans (12 oz ready to go).

BOX B:  Greybull Valley Living Lettuce (Butterhead, Red, or Green), 2# ORG Cripps Pink apples AKA Pink Lady, over 3# Navel Oranges, ORG Green Cabbage, ORG White or Yellow Onion, ORG English Cucumber, ORG Garlic Bulb, our own Daikon Radishes, ORG Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine.

Highlights in The Store:  ORG Red Seedless Grapes (2-1/2#)….$9.00, our own Fort Laramie Strawberries….$2.75 pint, ORG Black AND Red Plums (NEW)………$3.00/#, more Mushrooms, ORG Ginger root and Turmeric, NEW Whole Almonds…..$4.25, WA Asparagus (1-1/2# bundle)….$6.25, more ORG Dates (8 oz)……..$5.25.  And all the regular vegetables and fruits!


Come and Shop!  The Farmer’s Wife  

5 Friday Special Boxes of Veggies…text 431-1219 to reserve. PU Friday or Saturday…

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Too much stuff left over today!  Help us out and give this box of veggies a home– 

FRIDAY BOXES – $30:  1# ORG Strawberries, 2-1/2# ORG Red Seedless Grapes, Greybull Valley Living Romaine Lettuce, 1# ORG Carrots, head of Cauliflower, ORG Celery OR ORG English Cucumber, ORG White Onion, and 2# ORG Yukon Potatoes5 Available-

THURSDAY BOX – $30:  2-1/2# ORG Red Seedless Grapes, Greybull Valley Living Lettuce, ORG Green Cabbage, ORG Red Onion and ORG White Onion, 1# ORG Carrots, 2 ORG Red and Orange Bell Pepper, ORG English Cucumber1 Available–

Text 431-1219 to reserve. Text 431-1219 and set a pick up time Friday or Saturday.  Other items available in the shelter for sale.  Come and check it out– 1049 Washakie Ten, Worland…Lloyd Craft Farms.  

Only 2 Weeks left of the Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome!