We are in the business of providing folks with a good source of ‘fully loaded’ food.  Our friends, Gene and Kris Robertson with Diamond S Ranch are too!  Pasture fed Beef is a good healthy consideration.  Just as many vegetables in the store are adulterated, so are many of the meats in the store.  Here is an opportunity, new this year due to some changes to the Wyoming Food Freedom Act, that allows the rancher more flexibility in getting the good stuff into the hands of the consumer without the added cost of regulation.  

Here’s a message from Kris.  She can be reached by texting 307-272-5334, or emailing

“Another blessing, we have ground beef coming soon.  In past years we have sold our grass fat cattle on the hoof, by the whole beef, or half beef.  This year we are allowed to sell by the pound, and will be doing so in June for ground beef only.  We 100% believe and eat our grass finished beef.  They have never had hormones, antibiotics or a drop of grain.  Several of you getting this email have purchased our beef on the hoof, so have had all cuts.  They are very flavorful and delicious.  Yes different from grain fattened but the B vitamins in ruminant animals are not available to us if the cattle have had any grain.  Please call, text or email by June 1st if you want details and on our list “

Check it out, but don’t wait too long.  Diamond S price is very fair at $5/# for orders 100# or more, and $6/# for less than 100#.  These are the same folks that bring us Diamond S Delights, raw milk products.  

The Farmer’s Wife!

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  1. Hello! I usually order through LeAnn and Fresh Foods, but I am on your list,too. My gmail is interested in beef. Could you remind me where pick up would be for beef? Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

    Bianca Harkrider

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  2. Posted by Phylisr2004 on May 24, 2020 at 3:58 am

    This is all great news for locally produced organic food!!

    What we are called to do through it all is to love and protect one another. Rumi


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