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Week 20- Group B- Thursday at The Farm…May 28th. Happy Memorial Day USA!


The GARDEN is going in…finally!  (Larger scale is different…we can’t risk losing anything to a late spring frost, or high winds.  In the backyard garden, you run out and throw a cover over the plants to keep them warm for the night, or break what seems like a nautical gale.  But when the garden is several acres with beds 200 feet long it’s a little harder!)  The first transplants went into beds 1N33 through 1N63, which took all morning Friday…then another 4 hours to move the hoops, shadecloth, and sandbags to that part of the garden, and set them up– before the evening gale moved in. Yesterday was all the early Brassicas:  Cauliflower, Broccoli, and Cabbages.  Today it was the planting of ALL the potatoes!  Thanks Lorenzo and Jared for braving the wind and fishy transplant water!  Job well done–  🙂  Love our Rain-flo 2 seater Transplanter, and the old John Deere tractor.

This week’s box is filled with several items from Lloyd Craft FarmsBlack Summer Bok Choi (medium sized green stemmed head), possibly the last of the Green Onions, and the first taste of the Galion X mini-Broccoli which we affectionately call Broccolini.  Greybull Valley Living Leaf lettuce, large Hass Avocado and an ORG Lemon, 1# ORG Strawberries (super last week!), 1# ORG Rainbow carrots, ORG Green Bell Pepper, ORG Yams (AKA Sweet Potatoes…Garnet, Beauregard, or Japanese), and a special treat Ginger Root$30     ONLY 1 EXTRA BOX THIS WEEK–text 431-1219 to reserve–

The info sheet this week will have additional recipes and ideas for that magnificent Bok Choi–I was stressing that it wasn’t fair that the same group that got the Dwarf Bok Choi will end up with the Black Summer Bok Choi…unfortunately the best laid plans don’t always come to fruition…we can’t pick the exact timing of harvest…but my friend Misty observed it might be a PLUS:  Group B is already familiar with bok choi and stir fry, which is the common use for choi. 

This box has broccolini, green onions, bell pepper, and carrots which are excellent cooked at high heat…and we’ve included a little fresh ginger to finely grate at the last, right before you add the liquids for the sauce. 

Honestly, Bok Choi from the garden fresh is hard to equal…Choi is not carried in the stores as it loses its sweetness shortly after harvest and does not have the extended shelf life needed to sit in a store and wait to be bought, PLUS types of Asian greens are not familiar to us Wyomingites from meat and potato country. 

Still room in the CSA– Shares run $115 to $415 for Monthly to Weekly shares.  Check it out at , and sign up there, too! 

Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife of 44 years…Anniversary was May 22nd!  He’s a good MAN–  🙂