We are supposed to be in for some warm days…almost hot, in fact…hot too early plays havoc on the broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbages which prefer the cooler weather.  The potatoes and onion plants are held in dormancy in the cooler, and seeds and other summer plants are ready to go out and waiting patiently in the greenhouse.  Transplanting is almost ready to start as The Farmer finishes laying the last of the plastic mulch beds and hooks up the water. It will be a crazy two weeks as we rush to get everything into the ground.  The RACE begins for our Rocky Mountain gardens– But, regardless, Buyer’s Group goes on!!

Box this week:  Greybull Valley Living Lettuce, Honey Mango, 1# ORG Strawberries, ORG Romanesco (greenish cauliflower type), ORG Green Cabbage (new harvest!), ORG White Onion, ORG Cucumber, ORG Tri pack of Colored Bell Peppers$30

Things to add from The Store Another head of Romanesco, more lettuce, or another cucumber.  More Green Cabbage for sauerkraut or, Cabbage and Kielabasa (recipe on our web).  The cabbage is even fresh enough to make a first of the season batch of coleslaw…add a pepper (even a jalapeno) or grated cucumber. Lots more items, reasonably priced!  Best selection earlier in the day–see listing under The Store at The Farm tab.

I bit the bullet and ordered ORG Strawberries!  We sampled some last week…they were huge, and red, and full of flavor.  A few were on the ‘little ripe’ side, but we gobbled them down!  ORG Poppies Tomatoes on the Vine are BACK!  ORG Blueberries are for sale, too.  Not as cheap as at the store, but these are organic which usually adds about a dollar to the cost of the conventional berries.  (Berries are one item I only buy organic…they are a super antioxidant…so I figure lets keep them ‘clean’ so they can do the best job for us!) 

From the High Tunnels:  Red Radishes, Green Onions, Dwarf Bok Choi, Bundled Spinach, Bundled Barese (a small bunching of Chard), and a good sampling of our herbs:  Oregano, English Thyme, Sage, and Savory.  We have small bundles of parsley, too.


There is still room in the CSA–$115 for the Monthly, $235 for the Leap-Frog, and $415 for the Weekly.  Consider the October Extension for another $30 for the Monthly and the Leap-Frog, and $60 for the Weekly.  CSA season starts in July and runs 15 weeks with the extension.  Experience fresh vegetables at their peak–Shares each week and a great selection of add-on’s from The Store.  Check it out!!!

The Farmer’s Wife 

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