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Week 17- GROUP A, May 7th, 2020…Don’t forget to get signed up for CSA :)

Great week last week!  And thanks to all the folks that came out to support FRESH VEGGIES for our last FIFTH Thursday Market!  If you are not a member of the Buyer’s Group and would like to continue getting veggies and shopping at The Farm each Thursday, TEXT 431-1219 and sign up for a box in Group A this week, or Group B next week.  No prepayment required for the Buyer’s Group, just a commitment for 2 Boxes in May.   We hope to keep this up until the garden is ready and can transition direct into the CSA. 

Please consider joining the CSA, if you haven’t yet.  CSA members help to fund our garden, and in turn we help to supply them with fresh veggies for at least 13 weeks from July through October!  Pay before May 15th and save $65 on the Weekly Share.  Consider the Monthly Share EVEN if you are planting a garden this year.  Believe me, it’s a small investment to expand what veggies you’ll have for the summer, to back up your garden just in case it does not produce as you expect, and to add fresh lettuces and fruits each week!  (Monthly Share cost is $130 which gets you 4 Shares and membership in the CSA to shop every THURSDAY at The Farm!)

A note on the Carrots in the boxes…I ordered pre-bagged carrots last week as we didn’t have time to bag them.  In going through some of the extra’s the following day we found some spoilage. IF YOUR CARROTS HAD SOME SPOILED ONES IN THE BAG, PLEASE TAKE A PICTURE AND TEXT IT TO 431-1219. If you ever get some spoiled produce, let us know by the following Sunday of the date you received the box.  We will make all efforts to make it right!    


May 7th, 2020, BOXES this week:               

Greybull Valley Living Lettuce

GEM Avocado- CA grown

Peelz Mandarin Oranges- 1# bag

Cauliflower Head

ORG Broccoli Bundles

ORG Colored Bell Pepper & 2 ORG Cucumbers

Lloyd Craft Farms Green Onions- bundle

ORG Sweet Potatoes (AKA Yams)- 3#

$30, and lots of other items to purchase–Thursday, May 7th, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

See you!  The Farmer’s Wife