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April 30th, 2020–FIFTH THURSDAY, Open to ANYONE wanting a BOX– $30 TEXT 431-1219 to RESERVE

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The heading says it all!  April has a FIFTH THURSDAY which throws off our Group A & Group B schedule…

Group A’s next BOX is May 7th, Group B’s next BOX is May 14th.  If you in either Group and want to shorten the gap between Veggie Boxes, then sign up for the FIFTH THURSDAY BOX.

If you are not in the Buyer’s Group but want to check it out with no strings attached, then text 431-1219 and reserve your BOX for April 30th.  Pick Up between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.  While there, shop for EXTRA’s…bananas, broccoli, apples, eggs, flour, and much more and varied items! Cash and Check only.

REMINDER:  Prices and items we expect are posted at , The Store at The Farm page.  You can order special items ahead, or add on items…Place order  by WEDNESDAY (TEXT 431-1219 or email  Orders will be delivered THURSDAY after 3:00.  $5 fee applies for all items set up; no additional for deliveries.

FIFTH THURSDAY BOX CONTENTS:  GEM Avocado, Greybull Valley Lettuce, 1-1/2# Washington Asparagus, ORG Green Beans, ORG Carrots, 2 ORG Cucumbers, our own Green Onions from the high tunnel, ORG Green Bell Pepper, and 1# YAMS— $30

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