Surplus Boxes! Text to Reserve—


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We have 9 Surplus Boxes for pickup Friday or Saturday at The Farm—Open to anyone!  Surplus are goodies left from our Thursday at The Farm—need to make room for new stock next week!

Box 1 (7 available): Greybull Valley Living Lettuce (Green Leaf or Butterhead), Herb (Basil/Parsley/Cilantro), Org Cherry Tomato on the Vine- 12 oz, Org Celery, 2 Org Sweet Potatoes (Yams), 1# Org Cliptop Carrots, 2 avocados, Org Blackberries, 2 Org Lemons, Org Sweet Onion, and Org Green Bell Pepper—$30

Box 2 (2-3 available): Greybull Valley Terrific Trio Living Lettuce, Org Celery, 1# Org Cliptop Carrots, 32 oz Purple Passion New Potatoes, 2 Heirloom Oranges, Org Blueberries, Org Sweet Onion, 3# Mandarin Oranges—$30

text 431-1219 to reserve, indicate box number 1 or 2.   Pickup Friday 11 am to 1 pm, or Saturday 11 am to 1 pm at The Farm, 1049 Washakie Ten.


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  1. Posted by Rothleutner, Margaret L on April 17, 2020 at 1:50 pm


    Can I get Box 1.

    Margaret Rothleutner District Budget Analyst Quicktime Administrator Wind River Bighorn Basin 307-347-5181 – Desk 307-431-9894- P-Cell



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