Week 14- Group A–Box info and OTHER IMPORTANT STUFF–

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Greetings and get ready to hunker down for a cold snap!  Typical Spring weather in the Rocky Mountains– We here at Lloyd Craft Farms are open EVERY THURSDAY, rain or snow or shine, bringing you high quality produce for your health and nutrition.  🙂

BOX this week:   Terrific Trio Lettuce from Greybull Valley Produce, 2 ORG Gala Apples, 2 ORG Russet Baker Potatoes, ORG Colored Bell Pepper, ORG Cherry Tomato on-the-Vine 12 oz, ORG Cucumber, 1# Asparagus, ORG Yellow Onion, and 3# bag of Peelz Mandarin Oranges– $30, Info Sheet, and Boxed and ready to go!  (2 INTRO Boxes for new folks interested in joining)

We are trying to adjust to the increased numbers, and to have what you need! 

  • EGGS— I have ordered 30 dozen eggs.  (We had 18 dozen last week–)  They may come in 30 egg flats or a dozen per egg cartons…won’t know until they get here Wednesday night.  If you have some extra egg cartons you want to donate, we could use them!   
  • SPINACH & BANANAS— we have ordered 99# bananas and 3 cases of Spinach–Hoping that will be enough to meet the needs. (We had 80# and 12 containers last week-)
  • ASPARAGUS— There is only enough for the Boxes this week.  Asparagus comes in such a huge case lot that I couldn’t quite swing a whole case EXTRA to sell, so opted to use 2 cases in the Boxes, and save glass cooler space for other items.
  • ORG CUCUMBERS— there are some items I only purchase organic, and cucumbers are one of them.  (The cucurbits family…cukes, winter and summer squash…are like sponges and soak up chemicals applied to the soil and fruit themselves.  They are plagued in large production by powdery mildew, Cucumber beetles, and mosiac fungal infections.  So…they have a lot of applications of things we really don’t need to eat.  Difficulty is that most of the pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides are neurotoxins that build up in our systems and cause problems as we age.)   FYI–the price of cucumbers has been continually climbing and extremely unstable.  This time of year they are still coming from Mexico–I’m hopeful that the domestic cukes will be ready for market soon and the quality will go up, and the price down!
  • MUSHROOMS–Last week we ordered a variety pack…what a surprise…it came with White, Portabella (sliced and hamburger sized!), Oyster, Mini Bells (small Portabella’s AKA Crimini), and Shitake’s!  It was so much fun!  I cooked up the Shitake’s for lunch with thinly sliced  red onions in butter…served them over loaded parsley burgers and it was de-lish!  We can no longer get the Mycopia mushrooms through Spokane, so this was a treat!
  • WATERMELON RADISHES--ordered some more in!  Hope you enjoyed the ones in the boxes last time, and will try them again.  I love them sliced thinly and crisped up in ice water!
  • Here’s the protocol to report a problem with your produce:  We have 24 hours to report an issue and get a credit from the company.  However, items are not always ripe within that time, so we personally have extended the reporting time to Sunday after the Thursday that you make the purchase.  If you have a bad avocado or mango (for example) snap a picture and text it to me at 431-1219.  We’ll make it right–
  • Don’t forget to consider the CSA to guarantee you have fresh produce coming all summer into the fall:  July through Mid-October.  If you have liked the Spokane Produce, you will LOVE ours!  Cost is $350 for a Weekly Share (13 weeks), $200 for a Leap-Frog (7 weeks), and $100 for the Monthly (3 weeks)…if paid before May 15th!  After that the price is up $65 and $35 respectively.  Sign up On-Line, and mail or drop check by on Thursday. Membership allows you to shop EVERY THURSDAY from 4-6 pm!

    The Farmer’s Wife–  🙂   Check out prices and what to expect for THURSDAY at http://www.lloydcraftfarms.com , The Store at The Farm page.  Can’t make it because of Covid-19 issues, send me your order and we will fill it Thursday morning and deliver after 3:00.  (4 mile radius)  $5.00 fee applies.  



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