Buyer’s Group–Thursday at The Farm–Member’s only– 10 am to 6 pm

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Good afternoon everyone–The SUN is shining!  That is wonderful news!  Wanted to talk Coronavirus, and offer some options to those not wishing to mingle or co-mingle because of compromised immune systems, or personal choice.

  1. You need not fear your food.  From what I’ve read the virus does not like refrigeration, or heat.  Most of the items you buy are refrigerated, but as a precaution you can put non-refrigerated items into the refrigerator for a couple of hours.  Items that have skins are not a concern:  avocado, oranges, bananas…for example.  Food can be washed with light dish soap at a medium water temp.  The food this time of year comes out of state (as does the food at the grocery stores) and should be at least wiped down.  (Our garden goods are a different issue that we can share later….has to do with UVB rays that kill bacteria and most pathogens…Has to do with good bacteria that populate our gut from the fresh foods we eat.)
  2. No need to fear our shelter.  It is empty most of the week with the nighttime temperature below 40 degrees.  It is not air conditioned nor insulated, so it can be hot in there, too!  The only folks frequenting the shelter are our family on Wednesday when we bag items and process the produce that is delivered Wednesday evening.  We wipe down the scales, white table tops, doors, windows, and cooler handles and glass.  During Thursday, we try to wipe down the glass door handles and the entry door handle a couple of times.  We use new and recycled boxes–which are stored in the cooler at 40 degrees overnight which should neutralize any bad boys!  🙂
  3. If there are more folks in the shelter than you’d prefer, Biggest rush is before noon, until 1:30.  Now that the weather is warmer, we’ll set a few chairs out there, too.  The door has windows and you can take a peak and enter when you are comfortable.  It was a little hard to have that option when it was freezing outside!
  4. Text 431-1219 and we will run your box out to your vehicle. Boxes are $30–exact cash or check.  BUT you’ll miss out on the Extra’s shopping…so consider #5.
  5. Email me your order Wednesday–anytime–and we will fill it after we open at 10:00 a.m. and deliver after 3:00.  There is a $3.50 fee for just a box delivery, and a $5 fee to fill an order and deliver in Worland or within a 4 mile radius of The Farm.  Items anticipated for sale are listed at, The Store at The Farm page.  When the order is filled, before 3:00, you will get a text with the total to use in filling in your check.
  6.  Get plenty of rest, eat healthy foods to support the immune system, soak in lots of sunshine!  It’s during the nighttime rest that the body is ‘cleaning house’ and building new cell DNA to replace the cells that die daily.  The healthy food is what the body uses to rebuild that all important DNA for those new cells.  If what it needs is not there (micronutrients especially) then it will substitute things that are inferior and often toxic, like aluminum or other sub-par minerals and nutrients.  Sunshine is an excellent source of vitamin D which is helpful during viral seasons–20 minutes is sufficient!  Health is a journey not a destination…enjoy the journey!.

Just some thoughts from The Farmer’s Wife–See you Thursday, at The Farm, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Come and buy EXTRA’s…lettuces from Greybull Valley Produce, 5# bags of flour, eggs, 80# Bananas (organic), lots of apples, oranges, and other produce, dates, and nuts!   

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