Week 12- Group A– April 2nd, Thursday, 10 am to 6 pm at The Farm…info on CSA, too…and other STUFF!

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Greetings Good Foodies!  Sun is shining and I LOVE IT!  Get out and get your fresh air and sunshine…20 minutes of ‘unprotected’ sun gets you a healthy dose of Vitamin D–known to also help your body in fighting viruses….

Also, envision fresh garden goodies starting in July and running through mid-October, and  JOIN THE CSA!  Sign up on-line under the CSA tab (CSA Sign up page), and then mail a check or deliver it Thursday at The Farm (you can put it in the mail too–1049 Washakie Ten, Worland, 82401)  Pay before May 15th and save some money.  It may seem a burden to pay now, but you will be guaranteed fresh veggies through the summer, and help us to fund the garden.  It’s a win-win! We all need food, and good food helps us live a fuller life!

NOW–This week in the Buyer’s Group we are assembling 50 Special Boxes with two different content groups…first come, first serve, sorry no reservations on your box choice.  46 Boxes are spoken for, but 4 are set aside for a few people that expressed an interest, but have not texted me to sign up…I guess that means I have 4 EXTRA’s this week!  If you are interested, text 431-1219 to Sign up for Group A.  (If my Boxes run out, I can sign you up for Group B on April 9th.  Ask about a free pass for this week…)

BOX 1–1# Mandarin Tangerines & pint of ORG Blackberries, Asparagus, Greybull Valley Butterhead Lettuce, bundle of Leeks, ORG Cherry on-the-Vine tomatoes (12 oz), 2# ORG Red Potatoes, ORG Colored Bell Pepper, and a very unique and special ORG Watermelon Radish$30 with an Info Sheet.

BOX 2–2 Avocados, Broccoli head, Greybull Valley Green Leaf Lettuce, bundle of Leeks, ORG Rubie on-the-Vine Tomatoes (12 oz), 2# ORG Red Potatoes, ORG Colored Bell Pepper, and a fresh bundle of ORG Red Radishes$30 with an info Sheet.

Last week’s Info Sheet introduced the Mustard Plant Family (we may have a repeat so Group B gets the botany/nutrition lesson, too)…So, which of the vegetables above are members of this nutritious and special family?  Text me 431-1219 with your guess  🙂

The Store at The Farm is well stocked! Check out what’s available on-line at a page of the same name:  The Store at The Farm…newer items:  Medjool Dates, Kiwi, ORG Blueberries, more Crimini Mushrooms and Dole Golden Pineapple, 100# ORG Russet Potatoes, Tri-Colored  Bell Peppers, Jicama, and all the normal STUFF!  Members and those who have shopped here before are WELCOME!


***********************************************************************************We should have White Flour & Wheat Flour–limited to 5# per member–150# available on Thursday….FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE…price to be determined upon receipt on Thursday.  Sign up Sheet Thursday for April 9th.  (BTW–interested in 50# High Gluten Pizza flour??  Order Thursday for April 9th–$30.50)



See you Thursday at The Farm–The Farmer’s Wife!


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