Greetings! Buyer’s Group March 26th, 2020–At The Farm

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We are just wrapping up a crazy and challenging week…on all fronts!  Truck order was short by $300 worth of goods and 2 hours late, Box reservations had ballooned by an additional 7 boxes by Wednesday, and my neck and back were killing me!  (I’ll just whine this once–)  BUT, thanks for all the patience and support…we filled all the orders and boxes…and only had a basket of limes, 2 lemons, 1 parsley, 4 ginger roots, and a fennel left over after the dust cleared.  Because of demand, we were able to sell boxes on Thursday for those folks that were under the weather and not wishing to venture forth.  (Remember to give us a head’s up by Thursday morning if you can’t make it–I also don’t mind holding a box a couple of days for you to pick it up–just let me know!)

The order for March 26th Buyer’s Group (B) has been placed.  Be intentional in your actions…we have plenty of food for those that are signed up and will continue to stock extra’s for purchase.  We have coolers and have ordered case lots on those items we can store for several weeks.  Because of social gathering restrictions we will keep our member numbers close to those who have shopped in the past, and will not be opening The Store up to newcomers. However, I still have some openings in both Group A & B if you are interested in joining, send me a text… 431-1219.  Cost is $30 per box, twice a month.  Membership is limited.  Program runs through the end of May.

This week’s BOX:  Organic Girl Spinach – 5 oz (only available in the BOX), 2# bag of Meyer Lemons (natural Vitamin C–an anti-viral), Avocado, 1# bagAsparagus, head ofCauliflower, ORGCucumber, ORG Yellow Onion, 4# ORGRed or Yukon Potatoes, info Sheet…recipes on-line– $30 

(4 EXTRA Boxes this week–extra items will be listed on Facebook Friday if necessary–)

Visit The Store at The Farm… page…it tells you what we hope to have, quantities are indicated after the item.  We are stocking most of the same BUT several NEW ITEMS………..Dozen Brown eggs for $4.00…..Jumbo Medjool Dates- 12 oz packet for $6.75…………ORG Lemon & Herb Dressing…opportunity to sign up for flour for the first week in April.  

See you Thursday, 10:00 to 6:00 at The Farm–  The Farmer’s Wife



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